The New Gothic Textura typeface, designed by Elodie Mandray, is a captivating contemporary adaptation of a historic script that pays homage to the intricate and ornamental style of the medieval textura script, which was prevalent during the Gothic period. This typeface stands out due to its unique blend of traditional gothic elements and modern design sensibilities, offering a fresh interpretation that is both evocative of the past and suitably adapted for present-day use.
New Gothic Textura exhibits a marked precision in its execution, characterized by its tall, narrow letters and consistent stroke weight, which are hallmarks of the original textura scripts. These scripts were once meticulously penned by scribes in the Middle Ages, and Mandray has skillfully preserved this meticulous and calculated essence in her adaptation. The vertical strokes are pronounced and uniform, creating a dense and rhythmic texture when the letters are set together, a quality that inspired the name "textura" due its woven fabric-like appearance.
Elodie Mandray has infused this typeface with a distinctive character by incorporating subtle contemporary nuances that make New Gothic Textura versatile for modern-day applications. The inclusion of crisp, clean lines juxtaposed with the traditional angular and pointed contours of the glyphs bridged the gap between the ancient and the modern, allowing this font to be used in a wide range of creative projects, from branding and editorial designs to digital and print media. Furthermore, the designer's choice to soften some of the font’s harsher aspects, commonly associated with gothic scripts, renders New Gothic Textura more accessible and readable to contemporary audiences, while still preserving its historical charm.
In essence, Elodie Mandray's New Gothic Textura is a splendid homage to the past, reimagined through a contemporary lens. It offers a seamless blend of the ancient and the avant-garde, making it an invaluable asset for designers seeking to imbue their work with a sense of depth, history, and sophistication. The typeface not only encapsulates the beauty and complexity of gothic textura scripts but also exemplifies how historical art forms can inspire and enhance modern design.
Character map
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New Gothic Textura

Personal use only
72 glyphs, 159 kerning pairs
Copyright (c) 2009 by Elodie Mandray. All rights reserved.. 1.000;pyrs;NewGothicTextura. New Gothic Textura. Version 1.000. NewGothicTextura. New Gothic Textura is a trademark of Elodie Mandray.. Elodie Mandray.
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