Capture It, a font conceived and designed by Koczman Bálint, stands as a unique testament to the blending of robust design principles with a distinct aesthetic appeal. At its core, Capture It embodies the raw energy and unfiltered essence of urban culture, merged with the stylized perspective of contemporary art. Designed to grab attention and hold it, this font is not just a typeface but an assertion of character.
The font’s construction takes heavy inspiration from stencil and military themes, seen in its assertive lines and block-like structures, yet it incorporates a level of refinement that makes it versatile. Each letter is crafted with a keen eye for detail, incorporating slightly eroded edges that suggest use and wear, adding depth and a sense of history to the type. This deliberate ruggedness gives the font a grounded, earthy feel, while its boldness speaks to strength and decisiveness.
Capture It is ideally suited for applications where the message needs to stand out with authority and clarity. Its assertiveness makes it a perfect choice for posters, headlines, and any design project that requires a touch of stark, unapologetic presence. The font resonates with the ethos of graffiti art, underground scenes, and industrial design, making it profoundly impactful in contexts that value originality and bold expression.
In essence, Capture It is more than just a typeface; it's a declaration. Koczman Bálint has not merely created a font but has encapsulated a vibe that is daring, raw, and unapologetically real. For designers and artists seeking to make a statement that cannot be ignored, Capture It offers an avenue to express creativity in a way that is commanding yet subtly complex.
Character map
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Capture it

Typeface © Cpr.Sparhelt 2008. All Rights Reserved. Capture it:Version 1.3. Capture it. Version 1.3 January 30, 2009, initial release. Captureit. This font was created using FontCreator 5.6 from
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