"OldStyle 1" refers to a typeface that draws inspiration from the early forms of serif typography, characteristic of the period when printing was first invented and became widespread. This era, roughly spanning from the 15th to the 17th century, marked the beginning of book production in Europe as it moved from handwritten manuscripts to print. The Renaissance saw the growth of humanist minuscule, a script that profoundly influenced the creation of typefaces during this period, including those categorized as "Old Style."
OldStyle 1 fonts typically feature a moderate contrast between thick and thin strokes, a trait derived from the calligraphic techniques used by scribes before the advent of printing. This contrast is less pronounced than in later developments in serif typefaces, such as those found in the Transitional and Didone (or Modern) categories. The serifs in OldStyle 1 are bracketed, meaning they have a curved connection to the stem of the letter, which lends a softer, more organic look to the typeface.
Another defining characteristic of OldStyle 1 typefaces is the angled stress in round characters, such as ‘o’ and ‘e’, where the thinnest points of these letters are found at an angle, imitating the angle of a pen nib used in humanist handwriting. The axis of the round characters often tilts to the left, echoing these pen strokes further. The ascenders (the parts of letters that extend above the main body of lowercase letters, like on a ‘d’ or ‘b’) typically exceed the height of capital letters, giving these fonts a distinct rhythm and readability that is excellent for body text.
While the term "OldStyle 1" itself is not widely used in professional typography to specifically identify a single font, it evokes a collective understanding of a genre of typefaces that valorize tradition, legibility, and the craft of early printing. Designed to evoke a sense of history and scholarly sophistication, Old Style fonts are favored in settings that call for a classic, authoritative appearance, such as in book publishing, formal documents, and traditional branding. These fonts connect the present to the past, blending the beauty of historical type design with the necessities of modern readability.
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OldStyle 1

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118 glyphs, 3727 kerning pairs
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