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Unknown license
66 glyphs, 28 kerning pairs
2007 theTYPEfetish/Michael Wallner. MichaelWallner: Calligraphy Unicase: 2007. Calligraphy Unicase. Version 1.0 . Calligraphy-Unicase. Michael Wallner. Type Fetish Freeware License I, honestly, have no power to stop you from doing whatever the fuck you want with this typeface. All I can do is appeal to your moral conscience (if you have one) and ask you to follow a few simple rules. 1. You may distribute this typeface as long as you keep all the files together. 2. You may make derivative works from this typeface as long as you send me a copy of the new work (or a link to the work online), give me credit and release your work as freeware. 3. You may not sell this typeface, or any derivative works, either individually or in a package. 4. If you are making money using this typeface then I should make some money for making it. Contact me for payment information ( Copyright (c) Michael Wallner and the Type Fetish. All rights reserved.
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