The 1543 Humane Jenson font, designed by Gilles Le Corre, is a tribute to the rich history of typography, blending meticulous craft and historical homage. This font is intricately designed to echo the qualities of the typefaces from the Renaissance period, specifically drawing inspiration from the works of Nicolas Jenson, a 15th-century type designer whose work remains a cornerstone of typeface design due to its exceptional readability and elegant form.
The 1543 Humane Jenson carries a distinct old-world charm, characterized by its well-balanced proportions, serene elegance, and a harmonious blend of sharp and rounded serifs that pay homage to its historical roots. Each glyph in this font is crafted with attention to detail, reflecting the careful handiwork that typographers of the Renaissance era employed. The font's texture communicates a sense of timelessness, making it particularly suited for projects that aim to evoke a historical or scholarly ambiance.
Further enriching its appeal, Gilles Le Corre's design incorporates modern sensibilities into this traditional framework, ensuring that the 1543 Humane Jenson font maintains high legibility in both print and digital formats. This seamless fusion of the old and the new makes the font versatile, ideal for a wide range of applications including book publishing, academic papers, and elegant branding. Collectively, the 1543 Humane Jenson is more than just a typeface; it is a meticulous recreation of historical aesthetics, offering designers a piece of typographic heritage reimagined for contemporary use.
Character map
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Personal use only
119 glyphs
D'après André Vésale "De humani corporis fabrica". Johann Oporinus imprimeur éditeur. 1543. © Gilles Le Corre2008. Utilisation non commerciale autorisée. Tous usages commerciaux, me contacter : Macromedia Fontographer 4.1.4 1543HumaneJenson Normal. 1543HumaneJenson Normal. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1.4 25/02/08. 1543HumaneJensonNormal
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