Burton's Nightmare is a captivating display font that appears as if sprung from the feverish dreams of a storyteller who dances on the edge of whimsy and the macabre. Its design pays homage to the gothic, fantastical elements closely associated with the cinematic work of Tim Burton, a filmmaker renowned for his love of the peculiar and the eerie. Indeed, the font seems to embody the very essence of Burton's filmography — think of the twisted, spindly limbs of the characters in "The Nightmare Before Christmas" or the haunting landscapes of "Edward Scissorhands." Each character in Burton's Nightmare is meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of otherworldly charm, with exaggerated, irregular forms that seem to stretch and twist as if alive.
Burton's Nightmare marries the grotesque with beauty, making it exceptional for titles or short texts that aim to capture attention and evoke curiosity or foreboding. Its distinct personality shines in contexts requiring a touch of the fantastical or the gothic. The font's high contrast and elaborate details mean it operates best at larger sizes where its unique characteristics can be fully appreciated without compromising readability. Its letterforms boast a kind of elegant decay, with sharp, angular serifs and whimsically curved lines that imbue each word typed with a sense of story and character all its own.
However, despite its ornate and distinctive style, Burton's Nightmare walks a fine line between being evocatively expressive and reserved enough to maintain legibility. This balance allows designers to use it in various applications, from book covers and movie posters to themed invitations or branding for events that dream to tread into the darker, whimsical corners of imagination. It encapsulates a niche aesthetic, making it a go-to font for projects aiming to channel the whimsical darkness associated with Burton's own storytelling style.
Character map
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this is corrupted needs to be fixed

Problem with this font is that the unique font identifier is missing. Up to Win98 this was not a proble but XP requires it. I have a corrected version at home and will mail it to Alex when home this weekend so that he can replace the file.

You will find this problem with every Burton's Nightmare you find out there. So some partience please.

couldnt download, says not valid file

Burton's Nightmare

Unknown license
87 glyphs, 479 kerning pairs
From the Tim Burton film . Burton's Nightmare. Burton'sNightmare
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