The IM FELL FLOWERS 1 font, created by the talented Igino Marini, is a unique and charming typeface that transports its audience to an era of handwritten letters and ancient manuscripts. This enchanting font is part of the IM FELL type collection, a project that brings historical typesetting into the modern world, allowing contemporary designers and writers to infuse their projects with the grace and elegance of the past.
IM FELL FLOWERS 1 stands out for its intricate and decorative nature, being specifically designed to add ornamental flair to texts. Unlike its more textual siblings in the IM FELL family, which are rooted in the textual and typographical styles of the 16th and 17th centuries, IM FELL FLOWERS 1 brings an artistic touch, reminiscent of the detailed and delicate botanical illustrations and flourishes found in old manuscripts. Its characters are not letters but rather a collection of beautifully rendered flowers and botanical motifs that serve as decorative elements to complement the textual content of a document or project.
Igino Marini, with meticulous attention to historical accuracy and an eye for aesthetic beauty, has crafted this font to be a bridge between the past and the present. The IM FELL FLOWERS 1 font enables designers, artists, and writers to ornament their work with historical decorative elements, adding depth, texture, and a touch of nostalgia. Whether used sparingly to accentuate headings and special texts or more liberally to create lush, floral-themed designs, the IM FELL FLOWERS 1 font provides an unparalleled tool for adding a layer of sophistication and historical interest to any project.
In essence, the IM FELL FLOWERS 1 font by Igino Marini is a testament to the power of design to evoke the past while serving the creative needs of the present. It offers a unique opportunity to enhance modern projects with the beauty and intricacy of historical art, making it a cherished asset for graphic designers, typographers, and all who appreciate the fusion of art and history in their work.
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© 2004 Igino Marini Igino Marini's Fell Flowers 1. IM FELL FLOWERS 1. 2.0. IM_FELL_FLOWERS_1. Igino Marini. Fell Types - Flowers. Typeface from the types bequeathed in 1686 to the University of Oxford by John Fell. Originally cut by R. Granjon & others. To be printed at 25 points to match the original size.. This font is a nearly free font. You can use it freely but: a) If you want to use it in publications on any kind of media (paper, CDs or DVDs, web, etc.) you have to put in the following words as a note: «The Fell Types are digitally reproduced by Igino Marini.». Then you have to email me and let me know where you used them so I can see your work. b) You can’t sell the font. c) You can’t rename the font and its contents (including outlines, kerning table and other data, license, copyright, links, etc). d) You can’t put the font on a commercial CD-ROM. e) You can distribute it freely but not without this text file you’re reading attached. f) You can put this font online on your own site but after having put a link to nearby and having consulted me (and got my permission).. Fell Flowers 1
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