The Monogram KK font by Koeiekat represents a classic and elegant style, particularly designed for creating personalized monograms. It's a display font that gracefully walks the line between old-fashioned charm and modern design sensibilities. Its primary attraction is its capability to produce intricate and eye-catching monogram designs, which are often used in wedding invitations, personal branding, stationery, and an array of other applications where a touch of personalized elegance is desired.
The font features a distinctive set of characters with ornate details that can beautifully interlock or stand alone, depending on the designer's preference and the project's requirements. The letterforms are typically characterized by their varying degrees of flourish and decoration, with certain letters showcasing more elaborate loops and swirls that contribute to the overall sophistication and uniqueness of the font. This decorative nature makes Monogram KK by Koeiekat not just a tool for text representation but an element of artistic embellishment in its own right.
Despite its intricate appearance, Monogram KK is surprisingly versatile. It has been adeptly designed to ensure readability and visual impact even at smaller sizes, which is crucial for applications such as monogramming on personal items or creating elegant, subtle details on a variety of materials. The font’s balance between decorative elements and clear, legible letterforms makes it a popular choice among graphic designers, wedding planners, and anyone looking to add a touch of bespoke elegance to their projects. In essence, Monogram KK by Koeiekat serves as a bridge between tradition and contemporary design, allowing for the creation of timeless pieces that can appeal to modern aesthetics while retaining a classic and sophisticated flair.
Character map

For the fun of it and because MissJax really, really wanted this thingie.

For monograms, so caps only!!

thank you - what is this?

Click the N

i did - an it says error - no id specified....?? Am I doing something wrong???

Should work. Try this:

Or click the font monogram kk

I think Alex has not yet authorized the font. Sometimes it takes a while ...


upside-down exclamation marks must have do their trick!

kk, by "takes a while" you meant 0-3 days?


Wow, that truly is a gentlekat.

ha ha ha...

thank you!!!!

this font is beautiful!

I contacted Harry's Monograms to see if he had that font fir me to purchase - thanks for you putting me in tuoch with him too..

You have been very helpful, and i appreciate it it greatly!

Hello. I love this font but can't seem to use it on my Janome Digitizer Jr. It saved as one big file with a suffix of .ttf. Does anyone know how to save it or .jan? I am new to monogramming and need help. Thank you so much!


This started with this. 'dlounds' wanted exactly the opposite of what you want. She found an embroidery font somewhere (we never traced where it came from) and wanted a font that she could use for printing.

So, for the fun of it, I made it. It is a computer font, thus .ttf, and not usable for embroidery. For that you will need software that can convert .ttf to .saw and or .jan. You will need to find a converter that is compatible with your machine. Try an embroidery forum, plenty around.

If all fails send Gary a private message and ask if he can help you.

Hi Kat & All, Re saving as embroidery font, I do not believe that you can convert and save the whole font as embroidery font and use like the pre installed fonts that come with software or are sold as specialist embroidery fonts. What you have to do to use the specific font is to open the font converter in your program, type the text that you want, hit convert and hey presto you will have the text you require. You may need to go in and manipulate the font after its converted. i.e. stitch points, angles and density. You will then be able to use it. (This works for me when I need to use a specific font.)

Hope this helps

Kind Regards


I see tons and tons of people using this for commercial use, even though your note says personal, non-profit, or educational only. But I'm not okay with that, so I tried to contact koiekat, but it keeps telling me "seeds don't match." So, I'm trying here... Do you offer a commercial use license on Monogram KK? Please let me know what I need to do! There's a similar font on Harold's, but their $20 fee does not allow me to create personalized stationery with it. They want an additional $100 for 1000 impressions. I'm small potatoes, so I really need to find a monogram font that will work. Thanks so much!


You've got mail :)

Hi - We are trying to obtain a commercial license for this font and lost touch with Koeiekat. Any help??

I was told that I could use it for commercial purposes if I made a donation to an animal shelter or charity that assists animals in need. I've seen koiekat post that elsewhere, so I'm sure the same would apply. I'll be donating to our local animal shelter or a rescue of some kind.

I am also looking to purchase this font for commercial use, but have had no luck. Does this mean that I can use it if I donate to an animal shelter or charity?

That's what the original author told me... donate to an animal shelter. I don't think he meant just any charity... But an animal shelter or some organization that helps animals.

Ok. I will donate to my local animal shelter and hopefully that will be good. Thanks for your help.

Is koeiekat still active?

I would love to make this font available to my customers for embroidery purposes. I also want to respect the licenses that are in place with the font. If you know of a way to reach the artist that would be most helpful.

My emails are coming back saying the account has been closed.

I would love to pay the commercial license fee if the artist has one. Thank you!

monogram kk

Personal use only
26 glyphs
© koeiekat 2007 All Rights Reserved. monogram kk:Version 0.10. monogram kk. Version 0.10 September 5, 2007. monogramkk. koeiekat. Digitized by Koeiekat. Curly monogram letter based on Victorian Initials. Capital letters only.. Free for strictly private use only. Use for any other purpose, including web embedding requires a license. Contact koeiekat at The @ :) Private use: Any use that is strictly private and not in any way related to commercial activities, not-for-profit included. Examples: A personal website or blog that does not contain advertisements or pay-per-click links, your school homework or course work, your own birthday or other invitations (made and printed by you), family scrapbooks and so on. Not private use: Any use that is not strictly private. Thus any use related to anything that has a commercial purpose, including non-profit. Examples: Business websites, portfolio websites, school websites, church websites, logos, business cards, letterheads, brochures, leaflets, posters, merchandise, t-shirts, books, magazines, retail packaging, advertisements, TV broadcast and movie credits and so on. Redistribution of this font is not allowed without the written consent of the copyright holder, koeiekat.. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ
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