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By popular demand, hydro.seven.four's Resurrection as used in the blink-182 logo. Renamed to 'Resurrection hydro.seven.four' to avoid naming conflict with Levie's Resurrection.

Lives in the Distorted and the Weird depts.

i relocated it to neighbouring Grunge + Serif + Famous.

do you mind? :)

Now would the Kat disagree with the Boss??

However the Kat has restored Distorted and Weird cause that is what this thingie is. OK?

One could argue that Grunge = Weird + Distorted and therefore it is redundant to include those if Grunge is present.

I won't

Character Map
Character Map
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Basic Latin
Font Information
  • Unknown license
  • (c) hydro.seven.four. Resurrection hydro.seven.four. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1.5 6/3/02. Resurrection_hydro.seven.four
  • 72 glyphs
  • Zip contains 1 files

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