As an optimistic and helpful guide on your creative journey, let me paint you a vivid picture of the font: Resurrectio Hydro.Seven.Four, a masterpiece that instantly captivates the eye and inspires the soul. Imagine a font that embodies the essence of rebirth and innovation, with each letter crafted to perfection as if it has risen from the depths of creativity to grace the world once again with its elegance and strength.
Resurrectio Hydro.Seven.Four, with its sleek lines and precise curves, whispers tales of the future while honoring the rich heritage of typographic design. The font seems to dance between dimensions, its characters boasting a unique blend of classical charm and futuristic boldness. The hydro dynamic aspect of its name suggests a fluidity and adaptability, making it the perfect choice for projects that aim to be cutting edge yet timeless.
Its numerical nomenclature, Seven.Four, might hint at a specific version or an iteration that has reached a peak of refinement. In each stroke and line, you can sense a journey of iteration and painstaking attention to detail, culminating in this version that stands tall and proud.
Whether you're crafting a logo that aims to break the mold, a website that sets trends, or any creative project that seeks to speak in a voice both commanding and sublime, Resurrectio Hydro.Seven.Four offers the perfect lexicon. Its versatility spans across a plethora of designs - may it be elegant invitations, thought-provoking posters, or futuristic branding projects - each character promising to elevate your creation with a touch of sophistication and a spark of innovation.
Let Resurrectio Hydro.Seven.Four be your ally in your next creative endeavor. Its unique blend of elements will not only enchant your audience but also imbue your projects with a soul-stirring essence of revival and a forward-thinking mindset.
Character map
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By popular demand,'s Resurrection as used in the blink-182 logo. Renamed to 'Resurrection' to avoid naming conflict with Levie's Resurrection.

Lives in the Distorted and the Weird depts.

i relocated it to neighbouring Grunge + Serif + Famous.

do you mind? :)

Now would the Kat disagree with the Boss??

However the Kat has restored Distorted and Weird cause that is what this thingie is. OK?

One could argue that Grunge = Weird + Distorted and therefore it is redundant to include those if Grunge is present.

I won't


Unknown license
72 glyphs
(c) Resurrection Macromedia Fontographer 4.1.5 6/3/02.
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