Oh, the enigma that is Rusted Plastic, a font straight out of the dystopian DIY workshop of Last Soundtrack, a name that hints at its creator's possible final act in the font-making saga—an exclamation mark in the world of typefaces, if you will. This font, with its peculiar name, forges an image of a post-apocalyptic world where plastic has somehow rusted, defying science and all known laws of chemistry. It's as if the font itself is an artifact from a future where materials have evolved—or revolted, depending on your perspective.
Rusted Plastic is not your run-of-the-mill, garden-variety font. Oh no, it cloaks itself in mystery and contradiction, cleverly blending the industrial with the organic, the permanent with the perishable. Each character seems to have been forged in a world where industrial giants have fallen, and nature is reclaiming its rights, leaving marks of decay and resilience on the synthetic souls of letters. The typeface, with its rough, eroded contours, whispers tales of survival and endurance in a harsh, unforgiving environment.
Crafted by the enigmatic entity known as Last Soundtrack, Rusted Plastic serves as a rebellious statement against the pristine, unblemished fonts that dominate our digital landscapes. It finds beauty in imperfection, strength in vulnerability, and rebellion in conformity. Each glyph is a testament to the rugged individualism of a dystopian future, where even the most mundane elements wear their scars with pride. Rusted Plastic is not just a font; it's a narrative, a vision, and perhaps a cautionary tale, eloquently delivered through the medium of decayed typography.
Character map
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rusted plastic

Unknown license
87 glyphs
Rusted Plastic© Gyomsegs. 2006. All Rights Reserved. rusted plastic:Version 1.00. rusted plastic. Version 1.00 December 2, 2006, initial release. rustedplastic. This font was created using Font Creator 5.0 from High-Logic.com
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