"TRASHED" by Last Soundtrack is a captivating display of creative chaos, intricately designed to bring a rugged, edgy feel to the table. At first glance, the font boldly defies traditional typographic norms, embracing an unrestrained and rebellious spirit that makes it stand out. Its characters, imbued with a sense of deliberate imperfection, seem as though they have been torn, scratched, and mishandled, lending the font an authenticity of something that has survived wear and tear, or perhaps, even salvaged from oblivion.
Each letter in the TRASHED font collection appears uniquely distressed, showcasing a variety of textures that might evoke images of urban decay, graffiti-laden walls, or the raw, gritty essence of street art. This intentional roughness does not detract from the font’s legibility but rather adds layers of personality and depth, making it an excellent choice for designers looking to inject a dose of raw energy and avant-garde aesthetics into their projects.
Despite its seemingly disorganized appearance, there's an underlying harmony in the way the characters of TRASHED come together, telling a story of resilience and raw beauty. Its appeal lies in its ability to command attention, challenging the observer to look beyond imperfections and appreciate the beauty in the unconventional. Ideal for music album covers, urban fashion brands, edgy editorial designs, or any artistic endeavor that seeks to break the mold, TRASHED by Last Soundtrack defiantly celebrates the perfectly imperfect nature of art and humanity.
Character map
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For those of you looking for an improved version with more/better accents etc: Guillaume Séguin has allowed me to rework his fonts and offer them with a (very generous) commercial license.

So if you need a professional quality Unicode OpenType or TrueType version of this font with a multilingual and expanded character set - you will find it here:


(Guillaume Séguin receives royalties from all sales)


Unknown license
80 glyphs
TRASHED © GYOMSEGS. 2006. All Rights Reserved. TRASHED:Version 1.00. TRASHED. Version 1.00 August 21, 2006, initial release. This font was created using Font Creator 5.0 from High-Logic.com
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