The font "Ex Kata Damaged" is a distinctive typeface designed by the talented font designer, Vic Fieger. As the name suggests, this font carries a damaged, distressed aesthetic that conveys a sense of decay, rebellion, or artistic disarray, making it a compelling choice for projects that require a touch of grunge or an edgy, unconventional look. Its appearance encapsulates disruptions within its forms, suggesting a story of wear, tear, and survival through harsh conditions or times.
Ex Kata Damaged features irregular, rough edges and varying degrees of erosion on each character, lending it a unique texture that can add depth and character to a wide range of design projects. The imperfections found in the strokes and edges of each letter are meticulously designed to create a cohesive yet dynamic visual impact. This suggests a careful balance between randomness and intentionality in its creation, allowing it to serve a broad spectrum of creative needs without losing its inherently rebellious spirit.
Though it may not be suited for every context, especially those requiring a more traditional or formal aesthetic, Ex Kata Damaged excels in contexts where the message is bold, raw, or calls for a visual representation of endurance and resilience. Whether used in posters, album covers, grunge-themed designs, urban fashion, or any project longing for a statement piece within the textual elements, this font is capable of capturing attention and evoking intense emotional responses. Vic Fieger's creation embodies a sense of story and personality, making Ex Kata Damaged a memorable and impactful choice for designers seeking to incorporate a sense of lived experience or artistic disruption into their work.
Character map
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Ex Kata Damaged

Unknown license
87 glyphs
2004 Vic Fieger, Xaviera Comics. Ex Kata Damaged. Version 1.0. ExKataDamaged. Ex Kata Damaged is created with the Font Creator Program from
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