spikes, thorns, needles, sharp

This is a nice one, love the spikey effects

@Lynda V.E.:This is a nice one, love the spikey effects

Me too.Looks like nice claws.

Character Map
Character Map
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Basic Latin


Personal use only
36 glyphs

decorative spiky
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Copyright (c) 2006 by Abel P. Delgado. All rights reserved except for the letter "S" which is a copyrighted logo of Sepultura. Sepulcra:Version 1.5. Sepulcra. Version 1.5 March 27, 2006, initial release. Sepulcra is a trademark of Abel P. Delgado.. Abel P. Delgado. Abel Perez Delgado. This font is free on the condition that it will be solely for personal use. For anything on the contrary I ask only that you give me credit for my work. However, donations are always welcome! ;) The sale or commercial use of this font without my consent is stricly prohibited. Sepulcra, 2006 © Abel P. Delgado [Ovalum] All rights reserved; except for the letter "S" which is a copyrghted logo of Sepultura

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