Imagine a font that exudes personality, creativity, and a touch of whimsy while maintaining readability and a structured elegance. Thiamine, crafted by the talented Ray Larabie, is a font that embodies all these qualities and more, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of design projects.
Thiamine sits comfortably between the realms of traditional serif fonts and modern, minimalist designs. Its characters are adorned with subtle serifs that suggest a classic foundation, yet the overall structure of the font leans towards contemporary aesthetics. The letterforms are designed with a keen eye for detail, giving each character a unique presence while ensuring they all come together to form a harmonious and cohesive typeface.
The versatility of Thiamine is one of its most remarkable features. Whether it’s used in the headlines of a chic lifestyle magazine, the body text of a professional portfolio, or the branding of a quirky start-up, Thiamine adapts effortlessly. Its personality is strong enough to add character to any project but balanced enough not to overshadow the content it’s meant to support.
Moreover, Ray Larabie's expertise in typography shines through in Thiamine's design. The thoughtfulness in the spacing, kerning, and the overall flow of the font speaks volumes of Larabie's dedication to not just creating visually appealing typefaces but ones that are practical and functional in a wide array of applications. Thiamine is not just a font; it's a testament to the art of typography, where form meets function in the most beautiful way.
Overall, Thiamine by Ray Larabie stands out as a font that is both delightful to look at and a joy to use. It marries the best of tradition and innovation, offering designers a tool that brings warmth, personality, and sophistication to their work. In a world where fonts are in abundance, Thiamine emerges as a breath of fresh air, promising to elevate any project it graces with its presence.
Character map
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170 glyphs
© 1999 Ray Larabie. This font is freeware. Read attached text file for details. Info & updates visit Donations gratefully accepted at Also visit my commercial type foundry at This font was updated in 2004.. RayLarabie: Thiamine: 1999. Thiamine. Version 2.000 2004. Ray Larabie. Larabie Fonts is able to offer unique free fonts through the generous support of visitors to the site. Making fonts is my full-time job and every donation, in any amount, enables me to continue running the site and creating new fonts. If you would like to support Larabie Fonts visit for details..
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