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  1. Basic Map - Personal use only
  2. PR Mapping by PR Fonts, 10.00 USD
    This font provides a variety of symbols for decorating maps simulating those of the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries.
  3. Jannson Map by RM&WD, 10.00 USD
    For best results, use of OpenType features is strongly recommend.This font is inspired by Johannes Janssonius, well know as Jan Janszoon o Jan Janssonius (Arnhem, 1588 – Amsterdam, 1664), was a Dutch cartographer, publisher and engraver. Married to Hondius's daughter. He was the author of many masterpieces of cartography of the 1700s like Willem Blaeu and Hondius, famous maps with heavy use of decorations in the letterig to fill the spaces of oceans, seas, lakes and scrolls. Now you can easily recreate not just ancient maps without effort, but you can use this font creatively, to make unique, modern logos, product names, fresh packaging, hip fashion outfits, refined labels, signs, coordinated images ... Hundreds of alternatives to choose from and maybe to combine with other fonts in an original way.One extra font with 27 castles in Janszoon style are also usefull for map, of course, but also for many different creative artworks.Warning: Jannson Map having oversized swashes compared to the normal standards cannot be used with Windows Word because Word does not give the possibility to manage the line spacing professionally.Jannson Map works great with applications like Illustrator, In Design, quark Xpress, mac Text etc ...
  4. Luismi Murder - Personal use only
  5. Murder Face by Subversive Type, 13.00 USD
    Inspired by roman typography and extreme metal band logos. This is a vicious looking font that works great in large and small pt. sizes.
  6. Murderous Desire by PizzaDude.dk, 20.00 USD
    Murderous desire for grunge!Grunge is timeless, and Murderous Desire is worn and torn, yet very legible. Great for massive text or headlines!
  7. Mac Key Caps Pi by Linotype, 35.00 USD
    Mac Key Caps Pi was published by Linotype. Mac Key Caps Pi contains 1 style.
  8. Maus - Personal use only
  9. Mops - 100% free
  10. Zapped - Unknown license
  11. Max - Unknown license
  12. Zapped by Cool Fonts, 24.00 USD
    Zapped is a grungy font with a sort of extruded look. I was working on a poster for the punk band MAXILLA (they are hot check'm out). It looks like it came out of a war zone. Abuse it!
  13. Maus by Sentinel Type, 10.00 USD
    A heavy duty block-shadow font derived from Sentinel Sten Type, Maus' inflexible, near-featureless block-like shapes give the impression of great mass and solidity. Maus is an example of minimalism in type design, using a minimum of sculpting to elicit the essence of familiar Latin forms. Two sets of complimentary letters allow designers to pick and choose combinations for letter fit, for their symmetric values, or to create a particular look or feel to suit the subject.
  14. ZAP by Wannatype, 9.90 USD
    ZAP is an all-caps monospaced and (almost) monolined typeface family. ZAP comes along in square and round shape, 2 widths (ZAP 360 and ZAP 500), and 8 weights. ZAP also offers Slant and BAckslant styles.ZAP covers multiple languages with Extended Latin. Even complete Greek alphabets are part of the ZAP keymap.
  15. Treasure Map Deadhand - Personal use only
  16. TX Map Bits by Typebox, 25.00 USD
    TX Map Bits was designed by Michael Kohnke and published by Typebox. TX Map Bits contains 2 styles and family package options.
  17. 1805 Jaeck Map by GLC, 42.00 USD
    This font is mainly inspired from the engraved characters of a German Map depicting Germany's roads and parts of surrounding lands, edited in Berlin probably in the end of 1700's. The engraver was Carl Jaeck or Jaek (1763-1808). The Map was bought by the French napoleonic general Louis Pierre Delosme (1768-1828) probably during the Napolenic campaign against Germany, circa 1805 or at least 1806, his sole staying in Germany.
  18. 1676 Morden Map by GLC, 42.00 USD
    This family was created -- inspired from the engraved typeface (Two styles : Normal & Italic) used in the pack of 52 playing cards who was describing the 52 counties forming a small Atlas of England and Wales and depicting English roads for the first time, published by Sir Robert Morden in 1676.
  19. EF Mao Mao by Elsner+Flake, 35.00 USD
    EF Mao Mao was designed by Simone May and published by Elsner+Flake. EF Mao Mao contains 1 style.
  20. Bloody Murder BB by Blambot, 20.00 USD
    A classic, comic book sound effects font, inspired by 1970's horror books!
  21. Wacamóler Caps - Personal use only
  22. 3rd Man - 100% free
  23. Zapped Sticks - Personal use only
  24. DS man - Unknown license
  25. Visions CAPS - 100% free
  26. Ukiah Caps - Unknown license
  27. Snag Mag - Unknown license
  28. Pencil Caps - Unknown license
  29. Smartie CAPS - Personal use only
  30. Action Man - Unknown license
  31. Mars Police - Personal use only
  32. Pincel Caps - Unknown license
  33. Gilgongo Kaps - Unknown license
  34. Folhas Caps - Unknown license
  35. Reta Caps - Unknown license
  36. Mediaeval Caps - Unknown license
  37. Pompeii Caps - Unknown license
  38. Blair Caps - Unknown license
  39. Action Man - Unknown license
  40. Kinigstein Caps - Unknown license
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