As of my last update in April 2023, "Basic Map" by Rémi Godefroid is not a widely recognized or documented font in popular databases or among commonly known typefaces. Regardless, let’s explore the likely characteristics and design philosophy behind a font with such a name, infused with what we know about the stylistic elements often favored by Rémi Godefroid, a designer known for his innovative approach to digital aesthetics and typography.
Given the name "Basic Map," one could speculate that the font draws inspiration from the pragmatic and straightforward style often found in cartography. Maps, by nature, are designed to be clear, precise, and easy to read at a glance, suggesting that the "Basic Map" font likely prioritizes readability and clean lines. It may feature a sans-serif design, known for its lack of embellishing strokes at the ends of letters, which contributes to a sleek, modern look while maintaining maximum legibility.
Rémi Godefroid’s approach to design often involves a playful yet thoughtful exploration of form and function, suggesting that "Basic Map" could incorporate unique design elements that hint at topographical features, such as contour lines, waypoints, or iconic representations of map legends. These elements might be subtly integrated into the letterforms or used as stylistic variants, offering designers creative flexibility while using the typeface in their projects.
The typeface might also reflect a balance between technical precision and artistic expression, embodying the essence of mapping as both a science and an art. In its conception, "Basic Map" would be versatile enough for use in various applications, from the functional—such as designing actual maps or informational signage—to the expressive, including branding, editorial design, or any project aiming for a blend of clarity and originality.
Finally, considering Rémi Godefroid’s known penchant for digital-first design, "Basic Map" could be highly optimized for on-screen use, ensuring excellent performance across different digital platforms and devices. This would mean careful consideration has been given to aspects like spacing, scale, and pixel alignment, ensuring the font not only looks good in print but also excels in digital displays, where the majority of modern map interaction occurs.
Without direct access to "Basic Map" by Rémi Godefroid, this exploration is speculative but grounded in logical extrapolation from the font's name and the designer's stylistic tendencies.
Character map
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Basic Map

Personal use only
159 glyphs
Copyright (c) 2016 by Rémi Godefroid. All rights reserved.. End Of Anthropocene Regular:Version 1.00. End Of Anthropocene Regular. Version 1.00 April 17, 2016, initial release. EndOfAnthropocene-Regular. End Of Anthropocene is a trademark of Rémi Godefroid.. Rémi Godefroid. Visit to obtain a commercial license.. End Of Anthropocene. Regular
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