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  1. S&S Baldwins by Spencer & Sons Co., 15.00 USD
    Baldwins was inspired by the beauty lettering of ephemera prints. Ideal for product names, packages, labels, old fashioned signs and everything with specific characteristics of past times.
  2. S&S Amberosa by Spencer & Sons Co., 15.00 USD
    Distinctively Americana with a touch of Arts & Crafts, Amberosa is a typographic gem from the late nineteenth century, this undulating and organic typeface is a versatile and refreshing alternative to many of the font designs on the market today. Recapture the elegance of traditional flourished sign writing and make and provide ideal lettering for period inspired design work such as posters, signage, labels and book covers. You’ll find ligatures, 400+ stylistic alternates in keeping with the spirit of this pretty, old-fashioned typeface.
  3. Smaragd by Linotype, 35.00 USD
    Smaragd is a light and gracious font especially appropriate for titles and cards. It is Gudrun Zapf von Hesse’s interpretation of Baroque adornment engravings. Smaragd is clear and festive, well-suited to titles and headings, initials and private printed materials, such as cards and stationery.
  4. Smaragd by Adobe, 35.00 USD
    Gudrun Zapf von Hesse designed Smaragd for D. Stempel AG, who released it in 1952.
  5. Marquee by Design is Culture, 39.00 USD
    In 1994 I took a picture of an old movie marquee in Times Square, New York City. 7 years later, I decided to design a typeface based on the big plastic letters found in those old marquees. I scanned in the picture I took and began to draw the letterforms. Like most of my font designs, the initial inspiration came from an urban environment.
  6. Marquis by Scriptorium, 12.00 USD
    Marquis was designed by David Nalle and published by Scriptorium. Marquis contains 2 styles and family package options.
  7. Markup by Philatype, 20.00 USD
    Markup is a fresh, clean, handwriting font suitable for use in many applications. At large sizes, the letters showcase their smooth, natural curves. At text sizes, its sharp rhythm makes for a casual personality while still remaining legible.
  8. Marquee by DP Fonts, 25.00 USD
    Marquee is a hand drawn lowercase font with a vintage marquee sign feel.
  9. Margaux by Scholtz Fonts, 19.95 USD
    Margaux is an elegant, smooth, disciplined italic font, based on French fonts of the early 20th century. It evokes Paris in her heyday - culture, romance, and sophistication.
  10. Marquee by Pelavin Fonts, 25.00 USD
    Marquee is a family of two fonts, containing both faceted and solid characters which can be layered to effect 3D, dimensional and translucent marquee-style typography, allowing for the creation of headlines reminiscent of classic theater and motion picture marquee signage.
  11. Mirande by Vultype Co, 19.00 USD
    Mirande is a classic serif typeface with lots of style. A minimal contrast look that has been synonymous with fashion for decades. This font is both modern and nostalgic and works great for logos, mastheads and pull quotes. It pairs beautifully with a minimal sans serif or light script font.The extreme contrast between thick and thin strokes gives Mirande a harmonic and stylish look
  12. Maraka by Rosario Nocera, 10.00 USD
    Maraka is a handwritten font family, drawn with a paint marker on rough paper, then scanned and turned into vector format. Maraka has a lot of alternative letters and is available in three versions: “Regular”, characterized by an unique look obtained by drawing the letters on a rough sheet, "Solid" and "Serif". Maraka is ideal for large headers, straplines and typographic compositions, but it still gives a great dynamic effect when writing wordy paragraphs.
  13. Carta S - Unknown license
  14. Planet S - Unknown license
  15. Crem S - Unknown license
  16. Fol S - Unknown license
  17. Designer's page on Abstract Fonts.
  18. Neuzeit S by Adobe, 35.00 USD
    The original designs were drawn by C.W. Pischiner for the Stempel foundry in 1928; this book version was added by the Linotype Corporation in 1959. Neuzeit S is a geometric-grotesque hybrid design, unusual in that round shapes are wide and circular, while other characters appear slightly condensed. Also note the unusual J: this particular letter’s design is versal in origin. The name translates from German as “new times.” Neuzeit S is useful for short texts, while its heavier weight supplies enough contrast for display work and headings.
  19. Neuzeit S by Linotype, 35.00 USD
    Designed by Wilhelm C. Pischner, Neuzeit-Grotesk first appeared in 1928 with the font foundry D. Stempel AG. In 1966, Neuzeit S was introduced by Linotype-Hell AG, intended for large bodies of text and predecessor of Siemens corporate design. Neuzeit S is timeless, combining strength of form and objectivity and legible even on inferior papers.
  20. Owen S. by Samuelstype, 2.00 USD
    Owen S. was designed by Hans Samuelson and published by Samuelstype. Owen S. contains 10 styles and family package options.
  21. Bradley S. by Samuelstype, 18.00 USD
    Bradley S. was designed by Hans Samuelson and published by Samuelstype. Bradley S. contains 2 styles and family package options.
  22. ArabDances - Unknown license
  23. Parade by URW Type Foundry, 35.00 USD
    Parade was published by URW Type Foundry. Parade contains 1 style.
  24. Marat by Ludwig Type, 45.00 USD
    Although originally conceived as a magazine face – with strong serifs and open character shapes for good legibility in small sizes, and compact letter forms optimized for narrow columns and tight headlines – Marat evolved into a comprehensive family for general use.
  25. Carade by Din Studio, 25.00 USD
    Carade is a elegant serif font. Made for any professional project branding. It is the best for logos, branding and quotes. Every letter has a unique and beautiful touch.Includes:Carade (OTF)Features:Beautiful AlternatesStylistic SetSwashesMultilingual SupportPUA EncodedNumerals and PunctuationThank you for downloading premium fonts from Din Studio
  26. Marcus by Wilton Foundry, 39.00 USD
    Marcus, the font, was named after the Roman Emperor Marcus Ulpius Traianus (Trajan) born 18 September 53 in the Roman province of Hispania Baetica (in what is now Spain), a province that was thoroughly Romanized, in the city of Italica. Trajan was the son of Marcia and Marcus Ulpius Traianus, a prominent senator and general from the gens Ulpia. Trajan himself was one of many well-known Ulpii in a line that continued long after his own death. The famous Trajan column was one of Marcus' many landmark monuments he commissioned. Inscriptions at the lower part of the Trajan column display what is considered to be the golden standard of Roman letters. 
  27. Basic Map - Personal use only
  28. PR Mapping by PR Fonts, 10.00 USD
    This font provides a variety of symbols for decorating maps simulating those of the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries.
  29. Jannson Map by RM&WD, 10.00 USD
    For best results, use of OpenType features is strongly recommend.This font is inspired by Johannes Janssonius, well know as Jan Janszoon o Jan Janssonius (Arnhem, 1588 – Amsterdam, 1664), was a Dutch cartographer, publisher and engraver. Married to Hondius's daughter. He was the author of many masterpieces of cartography of the 1700s like Willem Blaeu and Hondius, famous maps with heavy use of decorations in the letterig to fill the spaces of oceans, seas, lakes and scrolls. Now you can easily recreate not just ancient maps without effort, but you can use this font creatively, to make unique, modern logos, product names, fresh packaging, hip fashion outfits, refined labels, signs, coordinated images ... Hundreds of alternatives to choose from and maybe to combine with other fonts in an original way.One extra font with 27 castles in Janszoon style are also usefull for map, of course, but also for many different creative artworks.Warning: Jannson Map having oversized swashes compared to the normal standards cannot be used with Windows Word because Word does not give the possibility to manage the line spacing professionally.Jannson Map works great with applications like Illustrator, In Design, quark Xpress, mac Text etc ...
  30. Planes-S-Modern - Unknown license
  31. Collective S (BRK) - Unknown license
  32. Jenna s Kitties - Unknown license
  33. genotype S BRK - Unknown license
  34. Collective S BRK - Unknown license
  35. Dipple KK S - Unknown license
  36. Designer's page on Abstract Fonts.
  37. Designer's page on Abstract Fonts.
  38. Designer's page on Abstract Fonts.
  39. Corporate S Std by URW Type Foundry, 35.00 USD
    The Corporate ASE typeface trilogy was designed by Prof. Kurt Weidemann, a well-known German designer and typographer, from 1985 until 1990.
  40. Grotesk S SH by Scangraphic Digital Type Collection, 26.00 USD
    Since the release of these fonts most typefaces in the Scangraphic Type Collection appear in two versions. One is designed specifically for headline typesetting (SH: Scangraphic Headline Types) and one specifically for text typesetting (SB Scangraphic Bodytypes). The most obvious differentiation can be found in the spacing. That of the Bodytypes is adjusted for readability. That of the Headline Types is decidedly more narrow in order to do justice to the requirements of headline typesetting. The kerning tables, as well, have been individualized for each of these type varieties. In addition to the adjustment of spacing, there are also adjustments in the design. For the Bodytypes, fine spaces were created which prevented the smear effect on acute angles in small typesizes. For a number of Bodytypes, hairlines and serifs were thickened or the whole typeface was adjusted to meet the optical requirements for setting type in small sizes. For the German lower-case diacritical marks, all Headline Types complements contain alternative integrated accents which allow the compact setting of lower-case headlines.
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