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  1. KG What The Teacher Wants by Kimberly Geswein 5.00 USD
    I've worked together with the fabulous Rachelle Smith of What the Teacher Wants to come up with a new kid-friendly, teacher-friendly font. Rachelle's highly-popular teaching blog, What the Teacher Wants (http://whattheteacherwants.blogspot.com/) is a great resource for elementary teachers. She also sells educational products at Teachers Pay Teachers: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Rachelle-Smith

  2. What The Hell by TypeArt Foundry 45.00 USD
    What The Hell was published by TypeArt Foundry. What The Hell contains 2 styles and family package options.

  3. KG What Does The Fox Say by Kimberly Geswein 5.00 USD
    Kid-friendly left-tilted ball and stick handwriting.

  4. KG The Fighter by Kimberly Geswein 5.00 USD
    This pretty script is neat and legible and nicely connected.

  5. Phat by Identikal Collection 23.00 USD
    Phat was published by Identikal Collection. Phat contains 6 styles and family package options.

  6. Wheat by Atlantic Fonts 26.00 USD
    Like fresh, warm just-out-of-the-oven bread, Wheat is wholesome and comforting.Wheat's crusty texture and bubbly, hand-drawn letters give it all natural appeal.

  7. That by Suomi 30.00 USD
    This is That: a family of four weights with roman and true italics, and also with chiselled medium weight, and Irregular variant for, well, variety.

  8. Shes All That by Typadelic 19.00 USD
    Shes All That was designed by Ronna Penner and published by Typadelic. Shes All That contains 1 style.

  9. KG The Last Time by Kimberly Geswein 5.00 USD
    Playful, whimsical unicase chunky bold lettering.

  10. KG As The Deer by Kimberly Geswein 5.00 USD
    Fun mixed cursive and print styled lettering.

  11. KG She Persisted by Kimberly Geswein 5.00 USD
    A chunky, playful, feminine font with personality.

  12. WHAT SOUND POUNDS? by The Fontry 5.00 USD
    You'll want to call it many things. You'll swear it's a sport font in distress. You'll imagine it emblazoned on the flanks of battered starships. You'll wonder what niche, what genre it was ever meant to occupy. Is it a display font? Text? Is that a noise in your ear? A sounding pound against your thoughts? Ask what you think of that sound and it's potential to melt you where you stand, and you'll find this very font staring back on you.

  13. Sew What JNL by Jeff Levine 29.00 USD
    Sew What JNL is a little novelty font that gives the appearance of letters stitched into fabric.

  14. KG Luck Of The Irish by Kimberly Geswein 5.00 USD
    This quirky handwritten font is unicase and unique. The 4-leaf clover can be accessed via the bar key (|).

  15. KG Mercy In The Morning by Kimberly Geswein 5.00 USD
    This authentic, natural handwriting is slightly bubbly and slightly left-leaning.

  16. KG Attack Of The Robots by Kimberly Geswein 5.00 USD
    This squared font is designed to look robotic in style.

  17. KG Party On The Rooftop by Kimberly Geswein 5.00 USD
    In both chunky and tilted/3D versions, this font gives a dose of fun!

  18. KG All Of The Stars by Kimberly Geswein 5.00 USD
    A whimsical star-themed font with letters inside a star shape.

  19. KG Corner Of The Sky by Kimberly Geswein 5.00 USD
    A fatter, more kid-friendly version of KG Lego House, this font is designed specifically for elementary teachers who requested a neat, legible font with a thicker outline.

  20. KG Change This Heart by Kimberly Geswein 5.00 USD
    Short, wide thin-stroked writing. Although handwritten, it is a very clean style.

  21. Designer's page on Abstract Fonts.

  22. Phat Boi by Comicraft 19.00 USD
    Word up! DJ Dongboi and triple threat "JG" Roshell has been bustin' out for all the young font gunnahs out there. He bein' crazy, givin' out the love and non-stop dope moves... You feel it? Be showin' ya respect and holla at the Phat Boi an' y'all be cool. Aiiiigggghhht?! Phatboi is Da Next Big Thang! Stay bent.

  23. Thats Amore by BA Graphics 45.00 USD
    A bold new look great for magazines and paperbacks a strong yet beautiful headline face.

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