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  1. Nimbus Sans Novus by URW Type Foundry 35.00 USD
    Nimbus Sans Novus was published by URW Type Foundry. Nimbus Sans Novus contains 55 styles and family package options.

  2. Hey Buffalo by HafisHidayat 19.00 USD
    Hey Buffalo is a rather unique handwriting script with 55 very beautiful ligatures, as well as several alternatives in the lowercase.

  3. Evcial by EVCco 20.00 USD
    Inspired by the elegant, rounded geometry of classic sans-serifs like Harry™ and Cirkulus™, Evcial was designed in 2000 to serve as the logo font for EVCco's website. The composition of each alpha-numeric glyph in Evcial is restricted solely to circular curves and lines of either 90 or 55 degrees, thus lending an air of chic consistency to this sophisticated typeface.

  4. Xmas Wishes by Resistenza 29.00 USD
    Xmas Wishes Font - A collection of 55 calligraphic Christmas greetings and 10 Christmas dingbats. All handwritten with different tools like broad nib pen, pointed pen and brush pen which allowed us to create diverse styles. The letterings are written in different languages; English, French, Spanish and Italian. Add the beauty of calligraphy to your layout and create unique gadgets for this Holiday Season like posters, greeting cards, wrapping paper, tags, and much more! You can also use the designs as photo overlays for your blog or social media content. Open the images to see all the details

  5. Juniper and Sage by Nicky Laatz 23.00 USD
    Let Juniper and Sage Script whisk you away for a romantic rendezvous with your love of handwritten scripts. A little bit chic, a little bit classy, Juniper and Sage is a must-have for any handwritten font collection.It includes 55 natural looking Opentype Ligatures - to make the font look more natural as you type.Juniper and Sage has 3 subtle variants - each adds a different feel due to their different slants. Upright being slightly more upbeat and casual and slanted being more elegant.Perfect for: elegant branding, wedding stationery, romantic book cover designs, classy packaging, album covers, handwritten quotes, greeting cards, unique social media posts, and so much more.

  6. Initials Gothic C by Alter Littera 15.00 USD
    A comprehensive set of initials (usually referred to as Uncials, Lombardic Initials, or Lombards) of the Germanic variety, designed after Henric Pieterszoon’s “Gothise Monnikke Letteren” as appearing in Enschedé, J. (1768), Proef van Letteren, Haarlem (p. 120); also mentioned as “Great Primer Uncials” and "2-line Brevier Uncials" in Vervliet, H.D.L. (1968), Sixteenth-Century Printing Types of the Low Countries, Amsterdam: Hertzberger (pp. 54-55, and 212-213). The font contains over one hundred glyphs, including as a bonus six layered plus two plain ornamental initials adapted from the Gutenberg Bible (Mainz, ca. 1455) and the Mainz Psalter (Mainz, 1457). Suitable to accompany most Gothic (especially Textura and Rotunda) typefaces, or to be displayed as drop caps or in full titles and headings.

  7. Geogrotesque Condensed Series by Emtype Foundry 50.00 USD
    The popular Geogrotesque family becomes an extended system with the inclusion of three new members to the family; Geogrotesque Condensed, Geogrotesque Compressed and Geogrotesque Extra Compressed. The condensed series keep the spirit of the original one, and give way to a superfamily up to 56 styles. This new system fluidly varies between widths, ranging from the original width to a 55% of it in the narrower one. As their original partner, the new fonts are great headline families for publications, but will also work in text of intermediate length and point size. The Geogrotesque superfamily offers now one font for each design need. It is available in Open Type format and includes Ligatures, Tabular Figures, Fractions, Numerators, Denominators, Superiors and Inferiors. All of them with support for Central and Eastern European languages. This type family consists of 42 styles, 7 weights plus italics in 3 widths.

  8. Antikor by Taner Ardali 19.00 USD
    Antikor is "mono geometric sans" family consist of 3 styles, 55 fonts with real italics...All fonts of family contains 800+ glyphs, and equipped with many typographic features.(Styles: Mono, Text and Display)Antikor Text is designed for those who prefer to use monospaced fonts not only in coding but in many different media of graphic design. The idea came from creating a typeface with monospaced aesthetic without disturbing aspects of monospaced typefaces . Antikor text has proportional spacing and precise kerning to avoid poor rhythm and track in reading text. It also provides wide range of useful features with extended glyph sets and opentype features.Antikor Mono is geometric sans monospaced typeface with all typographic features except spacing and kerning. As other styles it has many opentype features and extended character set including SmallCaps, Stylistic Alternatives, Scientific Numbers, Fractions, Oldstyle Numbers, Case Sensitive Forms, Arrows, Circled numbers and etc... It is designed to meet all the needs of the monospaced text medias...As Antikor is a versatile family, Antikor Display is a very alternative typeface with playful calligraphic curves.It is designed with the idea of creating a contrast and eye catching touch in display use of typography. It creates tasty contrast against the serious and solid monospace look. Each style has 11 weights ranging from Hairline to ExtraBold + real italics, consist of 22 fonts.

  9. Wendelin Pro by Ingo 39.00 USD
    A traditional sans serif — with that certain something — very legibleslanted stems of Ml with a slightly flared “foot”slightly bowed stems similar to serifs on the lower case charactersslanted endings in upright fonts rectangular endings in italic fonts on horizontal stems small capsWendelin is a classic sans serif in the style of the early “grotesque fonts” from the 19th century. But its characters have some very individual details which are not found in any historical model. The slightly bowed stroke endings which nearly look like serifs are characteristic of Wendelin and lend greater legibility to the font.The italic weights of Wendelin are based on true italics with clearly rounder detail forms and not just slanted variations of the upright form, even though a and g retain the basic form of the upright version. Also, the italic f has a descender, the e is round, and k is open and rounder as well as r.The “Medium” version Wendelin 65 Kräftig is only a bit heavier than the normal version. It was not designed to be a display type for Normal but rather a font for colorful and especially negative text applications. A colorful or negative text compared to the same size positive text in Wendelin 55 Normal appears identical.Wendelin Pro supports all West, Middle and East European languages and types including Greek, Turkish and Cyrillic — and the small caps, too. It includes old style and tabular figures as well as standard ligatures and discretionary ligatures.Also the antiquated long s together with ligatures and a capital ß (German “sharp“ S) are included.

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