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  1. Amigo by Adobe 35.00 USD
    Designed by Arthur Baker in 1989 for Agfa Compugraphic, Amigo is based on spontaneous pen lettering and an exaggerated calligraphic look. The letter shapes are especially unusual with stems that are wide at the top and taper to very narrow at the base.

  2. PTL Adigo by Primetype 60.00 USD
    PTL Adigo was designed by Ole Schäfer and published by Primetype. PTL Adigo contains 12 styles and family package options.

  3. New Amigo by Arthur Baker 12.00 USD
    New Amigo was designed by Arthur Baker and published by Arthur Baker. New Amigo contains 6 styles and family package options.

  4. Hybi11 Amigo by Hybi-Types 12.50 USD
    You can’t reinvent the wheelWhen it comes to designing a sans serif, many designers stick closely to existing models. How boring!Others try to demonstrate self-reliance by special stylistic elements – at the cost of readability or aesthetics, or both.I did chose a different way: My Font should just look pretty and friendly, being the good buddy for all days. This is how the name is explained.

  5. Adios Gringo by Fenotype 29.95 USD
    Adios Gringo was designed by Emil Bertell and published by Fenotype. Adios Gringo contains 2 styles and family package options.

  6. Adios Script Pro by Sudtipos 99.00 USD
    Romantic, decorative Adios Script is one of Alejandro Paul’s most elaborate and technically refined faces to date. Inspired by designs in “how-to” commercial lettering guides of the 1940s, it has been refined and brought into the 21st century through a huge variety of ornate swash letterforms. The lowercase “h” alone offers 43 variants. Hundreds of ornamental ascenders and descenders allow a beautiful interplay of strokes and combinations, while avoiding overlaps or conflicts. Adios Script features a mind-boggling 1,470 characters in total, in OpenType format. Adios Script received a Certificate of Excellence from the Type Directors Club.

  7. Waterloo Bold by ITC 35.00 USD
    Waterloo Bold was designed by Alan Meeks and published by ITC. Waterloo Bold contains 2 styles and family package options.

  8. Eagle Bold by Monotype 35.00 USD
    Eagle Bold was designed by Morris Benton and published by Monotype. Eagle Bold contains 1 style.

  9. Caslon Bold by ParaType 30.00 USD
    The Bitstream version of Caslon Bold of the American Type Founders, 1905.

  10. Manifesto Bold by Solotype 19.95 USD
    In digitizing this old font, we took great liberties with the design, removing some jarring elements. The result reads much more smoothly than the original, retaining the overall character of the original.

  11. Mateus Bold by Intellecta Design 22.90 USD
    Mateus Bold was designed by Paulo W and published by Intellecta Design. Mateus Bold contains 5 styles and family package options.

  12. Neil Bold by Canada Type 24.95 USD
    This is the one and only Neil Bold, designed by Wayne Stettler in 1966 and originally published as a Typositor typeface. An award-winner and instant celebrity upon its release, Neil Bold became synonymous with magnified modernism for a whole generation. It was a jazz record packaging favorite, especially at Blue Note records, and made regular appearances on science fiction book covers during the last stretch of the genre's golden age.

  13. Retro Bold by ITC 35.00 USD
    Retro Bold was designed by Colin Brignall and published by ITC. Retro Bold contains 2 styles and family package options.

  14. Belluccia Bold by Correspondence Ink 39.00 USD
    What’s unique about the Belluccia font family (now in both Regular & Bold weights) is the ability to turn on various features (Ligatures, Stylistic Alternates, Contextual Alternates, Swashes, Old Style Figures) to auto-magically swap out letter sets with alternate versions, allowing you to easily type your messages, while creating the visual diversity that gives you the unique look of custom lettering.

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