The Konstruktor font, meticulously designed by Ivan Filipov, embodies a unique synthesis of creativity and structural precision. This typeface, hailing from the inventive mind of Filipov, showcases his ability to interweave artistic expression with methodical engineering. The name "Konstruktor" itself hints at the foundational philosophy behind the font: a construction-based approach to design, where each character is built with careful attention to detail, much like an architect conceptualizing a blueprint before laying the first stone.
Konstruktor stands out for its modernist appeal, harmoniously blending elements of industrial design and typographic traditions. The characters possess a robust, geometric structure, reflecting the influence of constructivist and Bauhaus movements. This gives the font a compelling visual strength, making it particularly suitable for projects that require a sense of solidity and innovation. Its sharp, clean lines convey a sense of purpose and clarity, while subtle variations in weight and form add a dynamic rhythm to texts, ensuring readability and engagement.
The versatility of Konstruktor is one of its most admirable qualities. It can seamlessly transition from digital interfaces to printed materials, maintaining its impact across various mediums. This makes it a favorite among designers looking for a typeface that can lend both a contemporary vibe and a timeless elegance to their projects. Whether it's used for headlines, logos, or body text, Konstruktor manages to deliver its message with unmatched precision and stylistic flair.
Ultimately, Ivan Filipov's Konstruktor is not just a font but a testament to the power of innovative design. It reflects a deep understanding of the principles of typography, combined with a forward-thinking approach to aesthetics. For designers and typographers alike, Konstruktor offers a font that is both a functional tool and a source of inspiration, encouraging them to explore the boundaries between art and engineering in their work.
Character map
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Personal use only
168 glyphs
2019, Ivan Filipov. Version 1.004;Fontself Maker 3.4.0;NEOG;KonstruktorRegular;2019;FLVI-600. KonstruktorRegular. Version 1.004;Fontself Maker 3.4.0. Ivan Filipov, Ivan Filipov. Personal use only. Commercial usage requires donation
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