Wet Pet, designed by the prolific Canadian typographer Ray Larabie, is a whimsical and expressive font that bursts with creative energy. Known for his wide range of typefaces, Larabie has a knack for imbuing his designs with personality and flair, and Wet Pet is no exception. This typeface stands out for its playful yet somewhat unpredictable character, reminiscent of the spontaneity found in the movements and attitudes of pets when they're drenched in water.
The font features exaggerated forms with a fluid, dynamic quality, mimicking the erratic patterns of water dripping or splashing. Letters may appear as if they are swollen with liquid, about to burst, or stretching and flowing like water streams. The curves and lines of each character are creatively designed to suggest this wetness, making the font not just a vehicle for text but also a visual representation of its own name.
Wet Pet is exceptionally versatile, suitable for a variety of applications where a touch of humor, uniqueness, and a handcrafted feel is desired. From packaging and branding projects to playful editorial work or advertising, it brings a lively and original twist that can make any design stand out. Its distinctiveness lies not only in its thematic concept but also in the execution that balances readability with artistic expression. Ray Larabie's Wet Pet is a testament to the designer's imaginative approach to typography, and it serves as a delightful reminder of the boundless possibilities within type design for capturing and conveying whimsical narratives.
Character map
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Wet Pet

Unknown license
105 glyphs, 124 kerning pairs
By Ray Larabie 1997 - freely distributable. WetPet. Wet Pet. Jan 26, 1997. Wet-Pet
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