Chizz Wide High, a distinctive font crafted by Apostrophic Labs, stands out as a unique contribution to the vast world of typography. Known for its innovation and creativity, Apostrophic Labs has created this font with a specific vision in mind, appealing to both designers and viewers who appreciate bold statements in textual form. Chizz Wide High embodies a modern, almost futuristic aesthetic while maintaining a level of simplicity that makes it versatile for various design applications.
The striking characteristic of Chizz Wide High is its width and height proportions. As the name suggests, the font is significantly wider and taller than standard typefaces. This exaggerated dimensionality not only captures attention but also offers a canvas for creativity, making it ideal for headings, logos, posters, and any project requiring a dominant textual element. The font’s lines are clean, and its structure is geometric, which lends it an air of sophistication and sharpness. Despite its boldness, Chizz Wide High maintains readability, a critical aspect for any typeface.
Moreover, Chizz Wide High incorporates an artistic touch that is unmistakably associated with the creative minds at Apostrophic Labs. The font challenges traditional typography boundaries, encouraging designers to explore space and form in new ways. Its application isn't just confined to print media but extends to digital platforms, where its distinct personality can significantly impact web design, digital advertising, and multimedia presentations.
In summary, Chizz Wide High by Apostrophic Labs is more than just a font; it's a design tool that embodies modernity, creativity, and versatility. Its unique proportions and clean geometric lines make it a go-to choice for projects that aim to stand out. As part of Apostrophic Labs' portfolio, Chizz Wide High continues the tradition of offering innovative and free-spirited typefaces to the design community, inspiring both the creators and the audience to view text not just as content but as an essential element of visual design.
Character map
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Chizz Wide High

Unknown license
211 glyphs, 785 kerning pairs
© Graham Meade & Apostrophic Labs. All rights reserved. Email or visit for more information.. Chizz Wide High Italic. 1.4. ChizzWideHigh-Italic. Graham Meade & Apostrophe.
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