Imagine if Tim Burton decided to dabble in typography after a night spent reading ancient grimoires by candlelight, and you'll have a smidgen of an idea about the delightfully eccentric charm of the font Setebos. Created by the talented and presumably quite enigmatic David F. Nalle, a man who must fancy the cryptic whispers of forgotten languages and the aesthetic of ink-stained fingers, Setebos is not your run-of-the-mill font. Oh no, it's an adventure in curves and angles, a visual feast that dances on the fine line between the whimsically arcane and the meticulously articulate.
Setebos itself seems to invoke the spirit of its namesake, an obscure deity mentioned in Shakespeare’s "The Tempest," suggesting a hint of mystery and power lurking within its serifs, or perhaps in its decided lack thereof. Each letter appears to be crafted with a blend of the gothic and the fantastical, making it perfectly suited for the cover of a book of eldritch lore, an invitation to a Victorian-themed séance, or even the logo for a boutique that sells potions on the side.
The character set is as robust as it is idiosyncratic, offering a collection of glyphs that seem to whisper of ancient secrets and forgotten tales. At first glance, Setebos might simply seem ornate, but upon closer inspection, it reveals a playful complexity, with each stroke and curve begging for further investigation. It's a font that refuses to be rushed; to truly appreciate Setebos, one must be willing to meander through its intricacies like a curious explorer in a labyrinth of shadows and whispers.
In the grand gallery of typography, Setebos stands out not just as a font, but as a testament to Nalle’s imaginative prowess. It’s as if he’s managed to bottle a bit of magic, distilling the essence of otherworldly narratives into a font that beckons the bold and the imaginative. So, for designers seeking to imbue their projects with a sense of mystery, whimsy, or the outright fantastical, employing Setebos is akin to casting an enchantment—a typographic invocation that is sure to spellbind the viewer.
Character map
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Unknown license
85 glyphs, 4 kerning pairs
Setebos v. 1.0 Copyright 1999 David F. Nalle/Ragnarok Press. Altsys Fontographer 4.0.3 Setebos. Setebos. Altsys Fontographer 4.0.3 1/17/00
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