KR Wiccan Symbols by Kat Rakos is like the mystic cousin in the font family who turned the attic into a spell-casting room. Imagine if your keyboard was imbued with magic, and each keypress invoked a symbol that could either summon your morning latte or accidentally turn your cat into a chaise lounge. This font is not your mundane Times New Roman or Arial; it's the quirky, eccentric relative that shows up to the family dinner in a cloak, much to everyone's bemusement but no one's surprise.
Designed by the whimsically talented Kat Rakos, KR Wiccan Symbols is a collection of glyphs that seem to dance between the realms of the magical and the mysterious. Each character in this font is not a letter but a symbol, akin to discovering a secret witch's alphabet or stumbling upon a spellbook written in a cryptic language at a quirky antique shop. These symbols range from pentagrams and chalices to more abstract signs that could represent spells, potions, or the different phases of the moon - the sort of things you'd expect to see in the marginalia of a wizard's user manual.
Using KR Wiccan Symbols in your project is tantamount to declaring, “I’m not just making a statement; I’m casting a spell.” It’s perfect for invoking an air of the arcane, the mystical, or the downright enigmatic. Whether you’re designing an invitation to a Halloween bash, creating graphics for a tarot card reading event, or simply want to add a touch of otherworldly charm to your blog about herbal remedies, KR Wiccan Symbols is your go-to font. Just be warned, incorporating these symbols may or may not imbue your designs with actual magical properties. So, if your posters start hovering or your website begins to predict the future, remember, you chose the font.
Character map
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KR Wiccan Symbols

Unknown license
34 glyphs, 268 kerning pairs
©2002 Kat - Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 KR Wiccan Symbols. KR Wiccan Symbols. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 1/10/02. KRWiccanSymbols
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