KR Hockey Dings by Kat Rakos is an interesting and unique font that taps into the spirit and enthusiasm of hockey culture. Crafted with creativity and a playful heart, this font isn't your typical textual representation. Instead, it is a collection of hockey-themed dingbats, a term used to describe fonts that consist of symbols and shapes instead of letters and numbers. Each character in KR Hockey Dings brings to life an aspect of the beloved winter sport, from ice skates and hockey sticks to goals, pucks, and even protective gear. What sets it apart is how these symbols capture the essence of hockey in a fun, and visually interesting way, enabling designers and fans alike to sprinkle their projects with the joy and dynamism of the game.
Kat Rakos, the creator of KR Hockey Dings, has cleverly matched her love for hockey with her skills in font design, offering a tool that is not only practical for specific design needs but also brings a sense of community and passion into the digital design space. This font is perfect for creating themed party invitations, sports event flyers, or logos for local hockey teams, allowing for a broad range of creative applications. The icons can also serve as a playful accent in digital content, adding a bit of personality and fun to websites, blogs, or social media related to hockey or sports in general.
What is truly charming about KR Hockey Dings is its ability to communicate without words. Each symbol tells a story, evokes an emotion, or sparks a memory for hockey enthusiasts, making it more than just a font but a tribute to the sport itself. Through Kat Rakos's artistic vision and craftsmanship, KR Hockey Dings transcends its role as a utility and becomes a celebration of hockey culture, inviting designers, fans, and the curious to explore and express their love for the game in novel and visually compelling ways.
Character map
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Lol, that hard tu read something with it , but when we love hockey .... that very fun for my boys !

KR Hockey Dings

Unknown license
55 glyphs, 426 kerning pairs
©2002 Kat - Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 KR Hockey Dings. KR Hockey Dings. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 1/28/02. KRHockeyDings
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