As of my last update, Pouttu is a charismatic typeface created by Fenotype, a type foundry known for crafting innovative and visually appealing fonts. The essence of Pouttu lies in its seamless blend of classical typography principles with a contemporary twist, making it a standout choice for a multitude of design projects. Its design is characterized by a unique mix of elegance and whimsy, capturing the viewer's attention through its distinctive personality.
Pouttu exhibits a fluid versatility that caters to both traditional and modern aesthetics. The font features a robust set of characters including uppercase, lowercase, numerals, and an extensive range of punctuation marks and special characters, allowing for comprehensive usage across various languages and contexts. Its glyph set is designed to facilitate seamless readability and a harmonious visual flow, making it suitable for both body text and headline usage.
The font's character design incorporates subtle yet impactful nuances that distinguish it from other typefaces. These include thoughtfully crafted letterforms with varying stroke weights, carefully rounded edges, and a balance between geometric precision and organic fluidity. This unique combination gives Pouttu an amiable and approachable appearance, ideal for branding, editorial design, packaging, and digital platforms that require a touch of personality.
Pouttu potentially includes multiple weights, from light to bold, and possibly italic variations, offering designers the flexibility to create dynamic and hierarchical typography systems. Its compatibility with contemporary design tools and software enhances its usability and integration into various digital and print projects.
In summary, Pouttu by Fenotype embodies a fusion of traditional elegance and modern flair, making it a versatile and captivating font choice for designers looking to inject character and style into their creations. Its comprehensive character set, nuanced design features, and potential range of weights and styles make it a valuable addition to any typography toolkit.
Character map
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Unknown license
68 glyphs Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 Pouttu. Pouttu. FENOTYPEFACES 2002
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