The font "Nicotine Stains" by S. John Ross is a typeface that masterfully captures the gritty essence of its namesake—conjuring images of a bygone era tinged with the raw, unfiltered character of the analog world. Designed with a keen eye for authenticity, S. John Ross has created a font that resonates deeply with the nostalgia for the tactile feel of ink on paper and the imperfect beauty of typewritten text.
At first glance, Nicotine Stains presents itself with a disarming irregularity in its form; its letters sport slightly jagged edges and a varying baseline, mimicking the effects of a typewriter on its last legs or the smudged, blotchy output of a well-worn printing press. Each character in this font bears the unmistakable marks of use, akin to the way in which nicotine can stain the fingers of a smoker or the pages of a book, lending a sense of history and a story yet to be told.
This typeface isn't just a visual statement; it's an evocation of sensory experiences—the scent of old paper, the sound of clacking keys, the tactile feedback of pressing ink onto substrate. Nicotine Stains offers a complex layering of aesthetics and emotions, making it ideal for projects that aim to invoke a sense of nostalgia, resilience, or raw honesty. Whether used in the title of a noir novel, the branding of a craft coffee shop, or the promotional materials for a vintage-themed event, Nicotine Stains subtly commands attention and stirs the imagination, inviting onlookers into a world where imperfection is not just accepted but celebrated.
Character map
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Nicotine Stains

Unknown license
106 glyphs, 236 kerning pairs
Copyright ©2002 by S. John Ross. S.JohnRoss: Nicotine Stains: 2002. Nicotine Stains. 1.0 NicotineStains. Nicotine Stains is a trademark of S. John Ross.. S. John Ross.
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