LiquidCrystal is a distinct and visually engaging font that emulates the appearance of characters displayed on LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) panels. This type of font is characterized by its digital, blocky appearance, often reminiscent of the readouts on calculators, digital watches, or the screens of early handheld gaming devices and digital signage. The design of the LiquidCrystal font taps into a nostalgic vein, evoking the early days of digital technology when these displays represented the cutting edge.
The structure of the LiquidCrystal font is typically monospaced, meaning each character occupies the same horizontal space. This uniformity is a hallmark of actual LCD panels, where each character is displayed within a fixed grid of liquid crystal cells. The font adeptly captures the segmented style of classic LCD characters, with each letter and number created from a series of bars or blocks. These segments can be arranged to form the complete alphabet, numerals, and sometimes punctuation marks and other symbols, depending on the font variation.
LiquidCrystal doesn't just mimic the appearance of LCD screens but also evokes certain emotions and memories in the user. It's a modern font with a retro twist, often used in designs to convey a sense of nostalgia, or to impart a digital, technical feel. Its application is diverse, suitable for everything from thematic party invitations to user interfaces in software that want to evoke a vintage digital aesthetic. Despite its specific style, the readability of LiquidCrystal can vary depending on its use. For headlines, logos, and short texts, it offers a striking and distinctive look. However, for longer passages of text, the segmented nature of the letters might lead to a more challenging reading experience.
In design contexts, LiquidCrystal is a versatile tool, capable of adding a dash of retro-futurism or technological flair to projects. Its unique look and feel make it a popular choice among graphic designers looking to pay homage to the era of early digital technology, while still creating designs that feel fresh and contemporary.
Character map
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Unknown license
55 glyphs, 2 kerning pairs
LiquidCrystal. Copyright 1991 by Peter Jensen Typography. Shareware.. jens:LiquidCrystal. LiquidCrystal. 1.0 Fri Oct 15 19:35:49 1993
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