PT Banana Split, though not a real font in widespread use as of my last update, conjures up whimsical and delightful imagery with its vivid name alone. Let's imagine it as a font that captures the essence of fun, creativity, and joy, much like the delicious dessert it's named after.
Visually, PT Banana Split could be characterized by its playful, rounded edges that emulate the soft, scooped curves of ice cream. Each letter might boast a plump, inviting form, suggesting a sense of warmth and friendliness. The baseline of the letters could be slightly uneven, giving the text a dynamic, hand-drawn appearance that further enhances its casual, approachable vibe.
Color might play an essential role in the character of PT Banana Split. While fonts are typically monochromatic to ensure versatility, one could imagine PT Banana Split being used in specific contexts where its letters are filled with bright, bold colors reminiscent of banana split ingredients: yellows for bananas, pinks and whites for different ice cream flavors, and perhaps even dashes of chocolatey browns and cherry reds.
In application, PT Banana Split would excel in projects that require a touch of playful energy. From children's book titles and birthday party invitations to whimsical café signage and creative ice cream packaging, this font would bring a smile to faces with its infectious charm. Through its design, PT Banana Split would not only communicate the textual content but also evoke a sense of excitement and happiness, making it a perfect choice for designs intended to delight and entice.
Character map
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Just needs a little editing and it will be Totally Spies font!

Bonjour J'aimerai savoir s'il était possible d'utiliser cette typo pour un usage non commercial ? Merci

PT Banana Split

Unknown license
226 glyphs
Kinghorn Company Inc. Copyright (c) 1993 All Rights Reserved.. KCI:PT Banana Split. PT Banana Split. 1.0 Mon May 03 13:06:45 1993. PT-BananaSplit
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