Star Time Too JL is not merely a typeface but an embodiment of character and nostalgia, particularly for those with an affinity for the unique charm of retro aesthetics and the golden era of television. This font captures the essence of a bygone epoch when stars shined brightly on black and white screens, and entertainment was in its golden age. Its design leans heavily on the stylings of the mid-20th century, drawing inspiration from the titles and credits seen in classic TV shows and movies, encapsulating a mix of optimism and simplicity from that period.
The font’s letterforms are distinct, with a playful yet sophisticated feel that can immediately transport the viewer back to a time when craftsmanship in typography was not just about legibility but also about character. Each character in Star Time Too JL is crafted with attention to detail, exhibiting a balance of thick and thin strokes that emphasize a retro vibe. This balance not only enhances its vintage charm but also ensures that the font maintains a high level of readability across various applications, be it in digital or print form.
Star Time Too JL is incredibly versatile, ideal for projects aiming to evoke nostalgia or capture the enchanting spirit of the past. It works beautifully in headlines, logos, posters, and anywhere a touch of retro flair is desired. Its capacity to stand out while still being distinctly readable makes it a favorite among designers who want to add a piece of the vintage puzzle to their creations without overwhelming the modern sensibility of their projects. As a nod to the past yet suitable for contemporary design, Star Time Too JL bridges the gap between eras, offering a timeless quality that is rare in the rapidly evolving world of typography.
Character map
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Star Time Too JL

Unknown license
55 glyphs
(c) 1997 by Jeffrey N. Levine. Freeware, not for sale.. Star Time Too JL. 1.0. Trademark of Jeffrey N. Levine
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