Oh, HandPrinting! If fonts were people, HandPrinting would be that fun, quirky friend who shows up to a digital party dressed in a tie-dye T-shirt, holding a handmade sign that says, “I'm here to make a statement, but let's keep it casual!” This font walks the fine line between “meticulously crafted by an artisan” and “scribbled during an inspired moment in a coffee-stained notebook."
HandPrinting is like the handwriting you wish you had when you’re trying to impress someone with a handwritten note but your regular penmanship looks like it was done by a jittery squirrel holding a pen for the first time. Its characters are uniform yet retain that individual charm, making it perfect for invitations to a backyard barbecue as much as for an artisanal shop sign that sells things like handcrafted soap or bespoke leather journals.
The essence of HandPrinting lies in its approachability. While some fonts come off as too formal and others too chaotic, HandPrinting straddles that middle ground with the grace of a cat walking a fence. It’s readable, yet each letter carries with it a hint of whimsy, as if it’s about to tell you a joke or invite you on an impromptu adventure.
Imagine using it on a website for an artisan bakery, where each bread is as unique as the letters in HandPrinting, or on a poster for a local craft fair. It whispers rather than shouts, leaning in with a warm smile, saying, “Hey, let’s not take everything so seriously; life’s too short for boring fonts.” In the realm of typography, where serifs could be seen as the suit-and-tie crowd and sans-serifs the business-casual, HandPrinting is the friend who shows up in sneakers and makes everyone feel at ease.
Character map
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Unknown license
96 glyphs, 157 kerning pairs
Copyright 1993 Rhode Island Soft Systems, Inc.. RISS:HandPrinting. HandPrinting. 1.0 Thu Jun 24 19:03:34 1993
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