The "Charlie" font, created by Kevin and Amanda, embodies a sense of playful creativity and warmth that is characteristic of much of their work in the type-design domain. Known for their eclectic range of fonts that often incorporate whimsical and handcrafted elements, Kevin and Amanda have successfully captured the essence of personable, hand-drawn character in the "Charlie" font. This particular style seems to dance between the realms of casual handwriting and structured typography, offering a unique blend that is both approachable and artistically appealing.
One of the notable features of the "Charlie" font is its irregular line weights and slightly varied letter heights, which mimic the natural variation found in handwritten text. This deliberate imperfection adds a human touch to the digital text, making it feel more intimate and personalized. The font includes rounded edges and soft curves, which contribute to its friendly and inviting appearance. It's easy to imagine "Charlie" being used in a wide range of applications, from whimsical book covers and greeting cards to playful website headers and logos that aim to convey a sense of joy and creativity.
The versatility of the "Charlie" font is also worth mentioning. While it has an inherently casual look, its legibility and clarity are maintained across various sizes, making it a practical choice for both titles and body text in informal contexts. Additionally, the font's distinct character ensures that it can stand out in a crowded design landscape, providing designers with a tool to add personality and charm to their projects. Through "Charlie," Kevin and Amanda have offered the design community a font that celebrates the beauty of handwritten expression, combined with the precision and utility of digital typography.
Character map
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78 glyphs
Typeface © (your company). 2005. All Rights Reserved. Charlie:Version 1.00. Charlie. Version 1.00 September 21, 2005, initial release. This font was created using Font Creator 5.0 from
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