The "Hello Pirates - Personal Use" font by Typhoon Type is a distinctive and playful typeface that captures the adventurous spirit of pirate lore and sea voyages. It presents a mix of whimsy and boldness, making it perfectly suited for projects that aim to stand out with a touch of fun and uniqueness. Designed by Typhoon Type™ - Suthi Srisopha, this font encapsulates the essence of a pirate's handwritten notes, complete with the quirks and flourishes one might expect from a character aboard a pirate ship.
This font is characterized by its irregular, slightly jagged edges that mimic the look of handwriting made with a quill or a makeshift pen, perhaps even a message scribbled in haste on an old map or parchment. Each letter appears to have its own personality, with varying weights and slightly tilted orientations, suggesting a casual, unrefined approach to writing. The capital letters are particularly notable for their bold presence, designed to grab attention, much like a pirate captain bellowing orders across the deck.
Despite its playful irregularities, "Hello Pirates - Personal Use" maintains a level of readability that makes it versatile for various design purposes, from storybook pages to themed party invitations, or branding for products that wish to evoke the charm and mischief of pirate tales. It whispers of treasure hunts, sea battles, and the lure of the open ocean, inviting designers to set sail into their imagination and explore their creativity.
While this font is intended for personal use, its unique appeal is undeniable, offering creatives the opportunity to bring a piece of the adventurous pirate life into their designs. It's an invitation to step away from the ordinary and dive into stories and projects with a font that's as captivating and free-spirited as the pirates it seeks to embody.
Character map
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Hello Pirates - Personal Use

Personal use only
160 glyphs
Copyright (c) 2021 by Typhoon Type™ - Suthi Srisopha. All rights reserved.. TyphoonType-SuthiSrisopha: Hello Pirates - Personal Use: 2564. HelloPiratesPersonalUse. Version 1.000. Hello Pirates - Personal Use is a trademark of Typhoon Type™ - Suthi Srisopha.. Typhoon Type™ - Suthi Srisopha. Hello, please contact me before any commercial use. My fonts for free use allowed only in personal project , non-profit and charity use. If you make money from using my fonts, Please purchase a commercial license here : Typhoon Type™ - Suthi Srisopha —————————————— Hello Pirates - Personal Use
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