The font LED BOARD REVERSED, created by Paul Hustava, adopts the unique allure and characteristics of classic LED displays and signs but propels its essence in a novel direction. The characteristic feature of this font, as hinted by its name, is the clever twist in its presentation - by reversing the expected light-on-dark pattern of traditional LED displays, it offers a darker, silhouette-like presentation of letters against a presumably lighter background. This inversion not only maintains the recognizability and tech-savvy aura associated with LED typography but also instills a fresh, contemporary vibe.
LED BOARD REVERSED embodies a sense of retro-futurism, harking back to the days when digital displays were a novel sight, yet it feels at home in modern design aesthetics. The font meticulously captures the segmented style typical of LED boards, where each character is broken down into individual segments, mimicking the appearance of being composed of several small light bulbs or diodes. The characters in this font may appear as if they are constructed from a series of dashes or strokes, with the negative space outlining the shape of each letter or symbol. This method of construction gives the font a digital, slightly mechanical look, ensuring legibility and a clean style despite its complex thematic inspiration.
In applications, LED BOARD REVERSED stands out for its ability to infuse a touch of technological flair or nostalgic charm, depending on the context. It's perfectly suited for projects that aim to evoke a sense of the past's vision of the future, from thematic party invitations to stylish tech-related branding or even dynamic website headers. The font's distinct style makes it an excellent choice for designers seeking to break away from conventional typography, adding depth and intrigue to their creations. Despite its specific appearance, the versatility of LED BOARD REVERSED lies in the creative minds that choose to employ it, demonstrating how a well-thought-out font can transcend its initial inspiration to adapt to myriad design needs.
Character map
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86 glyphs
Copyright 2000 Paul Hustava - LED BOARD REVERSED. Version 1; September 30, 2000. LED Message Board Font . High-Logic. High-Logic - Erwin Denissen. Template.
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