Gorilla Milkshake is a playful and dynamic font crafted by Blambot Fonts, a type foundry well-regarded for its extensive collection of comic lettering fonts. This particular font embodies a casual yet striking design, making it a standout choice for various creative endeavors. Its letters display a bold and energetic style that seems to vibrate with enthusiasm and fun, making it especially suitable for projects intended to attract attention and evoke a lively atmosphere.
The character shapes in Gorilla Milkshake exhibit a delightful blend of irregularity and coherence, lending the font a handcrafted feel that is both inviting and professionally executed. The letters are designed with varying line weights and slight distortions, mimicking the effect of being hand-drawn with a brush or marker. This quality adds a personal touch to the text, making it feel more approachable and less rigid than traditional font types.
Gorilla Milkshake is versatile in application, easily fitting into projects ranging from eccentric advertising campaigns and eye-catching logos to playful book covers and dynamic website headers. Its unique charm enhances the visual appeal of the content it accompanies, providing a burst of energy and creativity. Despite its seemingly informal appearance, the font maintains a level of readability, making it functional for both titles and short blocks of text. Overall, Gorilla Milkshake by Blambot Fonts is a delightful choice for designers looking to inject a sense of fun and originality into their work, embodying both the spirit of playfulness and the precision of professional typography.
Character map
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Gorilla Milkshake

Personal use only
94 glyphs
(C)2000 Nate Piekos. www.piekosarts.com/blambotfonts. Gorilla Milkshake. Gorilla Milkshake Italic. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 11/7/00. GorillaMilkshakeItalic
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