Ethnocentric, designed by the prolific Ray Larabie in the late 1990s, is a font that exudes a futuristic aura, one that is boldly stepping into tomorrow while nodding at the aesthetics of science fiction and space exploration narratives. It's a testament to Larabie's knack for creating fonts that are not just tools of communication but are also imbued with personality and a distinct visual style. Ethnocentric is part of the larger typographic oeuvre of Ray Larabie, who is renowned for his innovative and diverse fonts that have graced various mediums, from video games to advertising and beyond.
The Ethnocentric font is characterized by its sharp, angular lines combined with sweeping curves, giving it a sense of motion and technological advancement. This font features uppercase letters that seem to leap towards the reader, a design choice that makes it stand out in headlines, logos, and titles where commanding attention is key. Its letter forms are constructed with an eye towards the future, imagining the typography that might adorn the spacecraft and high-tech machinery of tomorrow. It's not just the letter shapes that are distinctive; the font carries with it an inherent rhythm and dynamism, making it a favorite for projects that aim to be modern, edgy, and ahead of their time.
Moreover, Ethnocentric comes in a variety of weights, allowing for a versatile use in different contexts and mediums. These range from light to bold, offering designers the flexibility to create contrast and hierarchy in their typographic compositions. The font is not just aesthetically unique; it's also highly functional, designed to capture the user's attention while maintaining legibility and readability even in complex design environments.
In essence, Ethnocentric by Ray Larabie is more than just a font—it's a design statement. It embodies a vision of the future that is at once exciting and accessible. It invites designers and viewers alike to imagine and build worlds that are yet to come, all the while ensuring that the messages conveyed are clear and impactful. Whether used in a multimedia project, a tech startup's branding, or an avant-garde advertisement, Ethnocentric manages to convey a sense of innovation and forward-thinking that is hard to ignore.
Character map
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For those of you looking for an improved version with more/better accents etc: Ray Larabie has allowed me to rework his fonts and offer them with a (very generous) commercial license.

So if you need a professional quality Unicode OpenType or TrueType version of this font with a multilingual and expanded character set - you will find it here:

(Ray Larabie receives royalties from all sales)


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176 glyphs, 483 kerning pairs
© 1999 Ray Larabie. This font is freeware. Read attached text file for details. Info & updates visit Donations gratefully accepted at Also visit my commercial type foundry at This font was updated in 2004.. RayLarabie: Ethnocentric: 1999. Ethnocentric. Version 2.000 2004. Ray Larabie. Larabie Fonts is able to offer unique free fonts through the generous support of visitors to the site. Making fonts is my full-time job and every donation, in any amount, enables me to continue running the site and creating new fonts. If you would like to support Larabie Fonts visit for details..
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