As of my last update in early 2023, "Regal Box" isn't a widely recognized or documented font within the prevalent typographic resources or major font libraries. However, I can hypothesize about a font with such a name, providing a general description based on the imaginative combination of its name components— "Regal" and "Box".
The name "Regal Box" suggests a font that marries elegance with simplicity. A font under this name might carry an air of sophistication, possibly echoing the stately qualities typically associated with serif fonts, which often appear in print associated with tradition and authority. Yet, the "Box" element hints at something more modern, structured, and perhaps geometric. This juxtaposition might result in a unique font that efficiently blends the old-world charm of serif forms with the clean lines and clarity of sans-serif design.
In practical terms, one could envisage "Regal Box" featuring characters that boast a strong structure, reminiscent of boxes, giving the font a sturdy and reliable appearance. These characters could be adorned with subtle, regal elements—such as slight serifs, elegant curves, or refined detailing—strategically incorporated to maintain readability and versatility.
"Regal Box" could potentially shine in various applications where both impact and elegance are desired. From luxury brand logos and sophisticated packaging to stylish web design and high-end editorial content, its possible unique balance between tradition and modernity would offer designers a versatile tool in their typographic arsenal.
Finally, while the description above is speculative, the actual existence of a font named "Regal Box" would require verification from updated or specific design resources or custom design requests. The conceptual blend offered hopes to inspire and fulfill the curiosity about such a named typeface.
Character map
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Regal box

Unknown license
71 glyphs
Copyright: Chris Brown (c) 1998 (all rights reserved). Regal box. Evaluation V1 - Regalbox. cwfb. Chris Brown (visual design). Chris Brown. REGAL BOX is a design font with a a loose but formatted style Suitable for all applications where a unique look is desired.. REGAL BOX was made by Chris Brown (visual design) It is not FREE, it is not SHAREWARE, it is FOR SALE ONLY. To purchase please email Chris Brown ( or mail Chris Brown 21 Ainslie Road North Fremantle Western Australia 6159 A license fee is applicable. REGAL BOX is not in the public domain and remains the exclusive property of Chris Brown. REGAL BOX may not be redistributed in any way. That is: it may not be distributed commercially, it may not be sold, it may not be included on any form saleable package, it may not be converted or renamed, it may not be made available for download without the express written permission of Chris Brown. Chris Brown shall, in no event, be liable for any damages arising out of the use of this font. Remember REGAL BOX is not free or shareware (Also look for ROYAL BOX)
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