Bad Coma is an intriguingly distinctive typeface that stands out with its unmistakably bold and somewhat rebellious character. Instantly recognizable by its unique style, this font weaves together the aesthetics of a fiercely playful attitude and a creative disregard for conformity. Its letters display a form of controlled chaos, where traditional typography rules seem to be deliberately bent, but not entirely broken, to create a visually captivating and edgy appearance.
The design of Bad Coma is a testament to artistic freedom and individual expression. Each character within this font carries its own personality, featuring irregular shapes, varying stroke widths, and a slightly distressed texture that gives the impression of a handcrafted, rebellious spirit. The letterforms may include exaggerated curves, unexpected angles, and a mix of both sharp and rounded edges, contributing to a dynamic and somewhat unpredictable visual rhythm when laid out in text form.
This font is particularly suited for projects that aim to stand out and convey a strong message. It could be the perfect choice for band logos, album art, edgy fashion labels, avant-garde magazine headers, or any design work that seeks to challenge the status quo and grab attention. Despite its seemingly unorthodox approach, Bad Coma maintains a high level of readability across various applications, from print to digital media, making it a versatile tool for designers looking to inject a dose of personality and edginess into their projects.
Character map
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Bad Coma

Personal use only
44 glyphs
Imagex 2014. All Rights Reserved. Bad Coma:Version 1.00. Bad Coma. Version 1.00 May 18, 2014, initial release. BadComa. imagex. Free for personal use ONLY
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