The Angelique Rose font, crafted by the talented type designer deFharo, stands as a whimsical and enchanting script font, capturing the essence of hand-written elegance with a modern twist. Its design is imbued with a unique blend of classical calligraphy and contemporary flair, making it a versatile choice for various design projects that aim to convey warmth, creativity, and a personal touch.
Delicately designed with a keen eye for detail, each character in the Angelique Rose font is meticulously shaped, featuring smooth curves and intricate swashes that add a sophisticated and artistic feel to the text. The font's varying stroke weights and the thoughtful incorporation of letter spacing breathe life into the script, rendering text that is not only beautiful but also highly legible. This careful balance between decoration and clarity makes Angelique Rose particularly suitable for invitations, branding, advertising, and editorial designs that seek to leave a memorable impression.
Moreover, Angelique Rose's charm is bolstered by its wide array of glyphs, including capital and lowercase letters, numerals, and a comprehensive set of punctuation marks. This extensive character set ensures designers can effortlessly express their creative vision without limitations. Additionally, the font often includes stylistic alternates and ligatures, offering further customization and flexibility, thereby allowing designers to craft unique and captivating designs that truly stand out.
In conclusion, the Angelique Rose font by deFharo is a testament to the designer's ability to fuse traditional calligraphic elements with contemporary design sensibilities. Its elegant curves, thoughtful composition, and rich character set make it a delightful choice for those wishing to add a touch of personal flair and sophistication to their projects. Whether it's for wedding invitations, branding, or any other creative endeavor, Angelique Rose promises to sprinkle a bit of magic, giving life to texts that speak directly from the heart.
Character map
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The Angelique Rose font is hand drawn with pen and then digitized for use in computers, it is ideal for designing posters, headlines, wedding invitations or any text where a contrast between manual style look over other neutral fonts as Sans or Serif.

• Free Only for Personal Use.

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Angelique Rose

Personal use only
226 glyphs
Copyright (c) 2016 by Fernando Haro. All rights reserved.. FernandoHaro:AngeliqueRose:2016. Angelique Rose FFP. Version Pro 1.231. AngeliqueRose-FFP. Angelique Rose FFP is a trademark of Fernando Haro.. Fernando Haro. deFharo. Angelique Rose es una tipografÌa regular script unida.. Personal use only (FFP)! Leer / Read: Commercial license. READ: Please visit to buy a commercial license:
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