Imagine a font that strides into the room with the confidence of a heavyweight champion, yet possesses the gentle touch of a calligrapher. That's Tabarra Black by deFharo for you. Crafted by the talented, and possibly coffee-powered, Spanish designer Fernando Haro, this font isn't just black; it's like the deepest, most mysterious part of the ocean where the most interesting creatures live. It’s the font version of a black hole, absorbing all light and attention towards itself with its bold and compelling presence.
Tabarra Black doesn't just speak; it declares. Each letterform is crafted with a perfect balance of muscle and elegance, making it an ideal choice for those projects that demand attention without screaming for it. It's the kind of font that walks into a bar and everyone suddenly feels underdressed. It’s versatile too, feeling just as at home on a movie poster as it would on the label of an artisanal beer bottle or the cover of a gritty novel.
Designed with a width that defies ordinary, Tabarra Black stretches out like it’s perpetually taking a deep breath, filling up space with an air of importance that’s hard to ignore. Its well-rounded curves and cleanly cut lines channel a modern vibe, while still paying homage to the classic bold fonts that inspired its creation. The charm of Tabarra Black lies in its ability to convey strength and softness simultaneously, making it not just a font, but a statement. In the world of typefaces, where many strive for visibility, Tabarra Black doesn’t just show up; it makes an entrance, leaving a lingering sense of awe and perhaps a slight case of font envy.
Character map
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Tabarra Black

Personal use only
225 glyphs
Copyright (c) 2015 by Fernando Haro. All rights reserved.. FernandoHaro: Tabarra Black: 2015. Tabarra Black. Version 1.230. TabarraBlack. Tabarra Black is a trademark of Fernando Haro.. Fernando Haro. deFharo. Font Sans-serif very readable with advanced OpenType and decorative swashes to the composition of complex texts.. Personal use only (FFP)! Leer / Read: Commercial license. READ: Please visit to buy a commercial license:
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