Bitume, designed by Luc Mahler for Pleine Page, is a distinctive font that captures the essence of modernity and industrial aesthetics with a unique twist. This typeface, named after the French word for "asphalt," draws its inspiration from urban landscapes and the rugged, textured surfaces found within. Bitume stands out for its bold character and versatility, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of design projects.
The typeface exhibits a strong and impactful presence, characterized by its solid, condensed forms and sharp geometric edges. This gives Bitume a somewhat industrial feel, reminiscent of the stark, utilitarian beauty of cityscapes and highway typography. However, Luc Mahler introduces subtle details that soften this impact and add complexity—curves where you least expect them, slight variations in line weight, and unique cut-out details that evoke the erosion of urban materials over time.
Bitume’s character set supports a variety of applications, from headlines and logos to immersive graphical compositions. Its legibility is maintained across sizes, although its bold features are particularly striking when used in large-scale displays. The font mirrors the resilience and dynamism of urban environments, making it particularly suitable for projects that require a modern, assertive touch. Designers might lean towards Bitume for projects that aim to convey strength, innovation, and sophistication, all while hinting at an underlying layer of intricacy and depth.
Character map
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