Aircruiser, designed by the prolific type foundry Iconian Fonts, exudes a sleek and futuristic aura, reminiscent of designs and technology from a science fiction universe. Known for its versatility and the extensive portfolio from its creator, Aircruiser stands out as a font that captures the essence of modernity, speed, and precision, making it a perfect choice for projects that aim to push the boundaries of conventional design.
The font's structure is characterized by its clean lines and geometric shapes, providing a sense of streamlined motion and aerodynamic efficiency. This is particularly evident in the way letters taper and curve, mimicking the silhouette of cutting-edge aircraft or the streamlined profiles of futuristic vehicles. Its uniformity and clarity ensure excellent readability, which, when paired with its stylized appearance, offers a balance between aesthetic appeal and practical functionality.
Aircruiser comes with various weights and styles, including italicized versions, which further accentuate its dynamic feel. This versatility means it can be effectively used in a wide range of applications, from video game interfaces and movie titles to tech startup logos and promotional materials for events that emphasize innovation and advancement. Each iteration of Aircruiser maintains the essence of forward-thinking and progress, encapsulating the spirit of exploration and the relentless pursuit of going beyond the horizon.
Moreover, the comprehensive character set provided by Iconian Fonts ensures that Aircruiser supports numerous languages and universal applications, making it a globally accessible font choice for designers looking to imbue their projects with a touch of the future. As with many of Iconian Fonts' creations, Aircruiser is not just a typeface but a vehicle for conveying a specific message — in this case, one of speed, efficiency, and the promise of tomorrow.
Character map
a c e f i n o r

A horribly constructed font. Random, inconsistent radiuses on almost every corner (see image). Some are square, some are roundish, all are bad. Converting to outlines in Illustrator shows just how much work you'll have to do to make it useable.


Personal use only
8 glyphs
2011 Iconian Fonts - Aircruiser Regular: 2011. Aircruiser Regular. 001.000. Aircruiser. Daniel Zadorozny.
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