"Flying Colours Don't Run" is a captivating font that truly embodies the essence of resilience and vibrant expressiveness, as hinted by its distinctive name. Although I don't possess direct access to real-time databases or the ability to browse the internet, the imagination inspired by its name allows us to conjecture about its features. Crafted by Philip Lanier, a name that suggests an individual deeply invested in the art of typography, this font likely carries a unique character and style.
The name "Flying Colours Don't Run" suggests a design that is bold and dynamic, possibly featuring a blend of vivid colors that resist fading or "running," even in the face of adversity. This metaphor for endurance and steadfastness might be reflected in the font's design through strong, confident lines that stand out in any context, whether it's used for headers, titles, or impactful statements.
One could imagine that this font incorporates elements that are slightly unconventional, perhaps with a playful twist to the letterforms, to capture the essence of "flying colours." It might play with the traditional boundaries of typography, incorporating irregular shapes or unexpected angles that suggest movement and freedom, much like colours unfurling in the breeze. The font could also be versatile, suitable for a wide range of applications, from creative marketing materials to inspirational posters, always conveying a sense of optimism and strength.
Given these imaginative interpretations, "Flying Colours Don't Run" by Philip Lanier stands as a testament to creativity and durability in design, a font that not only captures the viewer's attention with its aesthetic appeal but also communicates a deeper message of resilience and vibrancy. Without specific details on its structure, one can only surmise that it is a creation meant to inspire and be remembered, much like the vivid spectacle of a brilliantly colored flag, undeterred and bold against the sky.
Character map
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Flying Colours Don't Run

Unknown license
93 glyphs
Scarlett (C) 2011. MOF_UNIQUEID. Flying Colours Don't Run. Lanier My Font Tool for Tablet PC 1.0. This font created with My Font Tool for Tablet PC, developed by Philip Lanier 2004
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