Fraktura, designed by the talented typographer Juan Casco, is a distinct and deeply evocative font that draws its inspiration from the historical gothic script known as Fraktur. This type of script, which emerged in the early 16th century, has been associated with various cultural and historical narratives, particularly within Western Europe. Juan Casco, through his contemporary lens, reimagines this traditional script to suit modern design needs while preserving its rich heritage.
The font Fraktura exudes a strong sense of history and authenticity. It is characterized by its intricate and ornate letterforms, which include sharp, angular lines, and elaborate flourishes. These elements not only pay homage to the gothic script but also add a layer of sophistication and depth to the typeface. The font manages to balance the complexity of its decorations with readability, making it suitable for a variety of applications, from editorial design to branding and even digital platforms.
Juan Casco's attention to detail is evident in each character of Fraktura. The font is designed to capture the essence of the historical Fraktur script while being adapted for contemporary use. This means that while it harbors the drama and intensity of gothic scripts, it is refined in a way that allows for versatile application. The typeface might find its place in contexts that require a touch of elegance, mystery, or a profound sense of tradition.
Overall, Fraktura by Juan Casco is not just a font but a bridge between the past and the present. It allows designers and artists to invoke the spirit of a bygone era while communicating in a manner that resonates with today's audience. Its beauty lies not only in its visual appeal but in its ability to tell a story, to carry the weight of history in each of its carefully crafted characters, making it a remarkable choice for projects that aim to stand out and evoke a deep sense of timelessness.
Character map
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212 glyphs
Neue Goth © Juan Casco: Fraktura:Version 1.00. Fraktura. Version 1.00 May 8, 2011, initial release. © Juan Casco 2011. Juan Casco. © Juan Casco, 2011. Free for personal use, personal use requires donation
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