"Shit Happens" is a unique and expressive font created by the talented designer Billy Argel. This particular font encapsulates a mix of rebellion, artistry, and the unpredictable twists life often presents, all wrapped in a visually captivating form. Billy Argel, known for his expertise in creating fonts with a distinct personality and character, utilizes his skills to convey a message that is both raw and relatable through "Shit Happens."
The font features a distinctive handwritten style, which adds a personal touch and suggests a casual, spontaneous approach to design. Its characters display a combination of irregularities and flair, embodying a sense of fluidity and natural movement. The uneven baseline and variation in stroke width give it a rugged, unrefined charm that resonates with a wide audience seeking authenticity and emotion in typography.
"Shit Happens" is not just a font; it is a statement. It navigates through the messiness and imperfections of life, echoing a sentiment that is universally understood. This makes it an excellent choice for projects that aim to connect on a human level, whether in art, fashion, or personal branding. The font speaks volumes in contexts where the message is about embracing flaws, resilience, and the raw beauty found in the chaos of everyday existence. Billy Argel has masterfully created a font that is as impactful in its aesthetics as it is in the emotions it evokes, making "Shit Happens" a memorable and versatile tool in the world of design.
Character map
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Need help to find this font! have had no luck so far. Very cool style which i would like to emulate.

Shit Happens

Personal use only
63 glyphs
Copyright (c) 2011 by Billy Argel. All rights reserved.. BillyArgel: Shit Happens Cursive: 2011. ShitHappens-Cursive. Version 1.000. Shit Happens Cursive is a trademark of Billy Argel.. Billy Argel. www.billyargel.com. Shit Happens font by billy argel fonts all rights reserved free for personal use only. commercial licenses available. more info contact billyargel@gmail.com visit http://www.billyargel.com. Shit Happens. Cursive
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