As of my last knowledge update in April 2023, the font named "Triangler" by Tim Ko does not have a widely recognized or documented description in the major typographic and design resources available to me. However, based on the name "Triangler," I can offer a speculative description that could align with thematic and structural qualities suggested by its name and implied authorship.
Given the unique name, "Triangler" might presumably be a font characterized by angular, geometric shapes, with a significant emphasis on triangles or triangular forms within its letter designs. These triangular aspects could manifest in several ways: sharp, angular serifs; letters constructed from triangular shapes; or perhaps even the negative space within letters taking on triangular forms. Such a design approach would likely give "Triangler" a modern, dynamic aesthetic, suitable for projects that aim to convey innovation, precision, or edginess.
Designed by Tim Ko, a detail which might hint at a solitary creator’s passion project or a boutique design effort, "Triangler" could possess the distinct personality and uniqueness sometimes found in typographic works from individual or independent designers. Fonts created by solo designers or small teams often reflect a particular vision or design philosophy, making "Triangler" potentially interesting for specific creative applications, such as tech startups, avant-garde publications, or artistic projects seeking a font that breaks away from conventional forms.
Moreover, if "Triangler" is indeed inspired by or heavily utilizes triangular shapes, it might also align with certain symbolic meanings attributed to triangles, such as stability and innovation. This could make the font especially appealing to brands or endeavors aiming to communicate strength, direction, and futuristic visions.
Without specific information on "Triangler" by Tim Ko, this description situates the font within a speculative framework based on its name and attributed creator, envisioning a typeface that thrives on geometric innovation and stylistic distinctiveness.
Character map
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Unknown license
98 glyphs
Copyright (c) 2010 by Tim Ko. All rights reserved.. TimKo: triangler by tim ko: 2010. triangler. Version 1.0. triangler by tim ko is a trademark of Tim Ko.. Tim Ko. Tim Gao
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