Plakative Grotesk, designed by Uwe Borchert, stands as a testament to the power of typographic expression in conveying direct and impactful messages through design. As suggested by its name, with "Plakative" hinting at its poster-like, attention-grabbing qualities, and "Grotesk" nodding to the sans-serif tradition it belongs to, this font is built for those seeking to make bold statements. Its character set is designed with clarity and legibility in mind, making it an ideal choice for headlines, signage, and any application where the message needs to be understood quickly and from a distance.
Uwe Borchert's careful crafting of Plakative Grotesk pays homage to the rich traditions of Grotesque typefaces while infusing contemporary sensibilities. The result is a typeface that balances classic typography principles with modern design trends. Each letterform in Plakative Grotesk has been meticulously designed to ensure coherence and uniformity across the typeface, giving designers a reliable tool for creating harmonious and effective designs.
Characterized by its clean lines, open apertures, and a somewhat geometric structure, Plakative Grotesk exudes confidence and strength. This font doesn't shy away from asserting itself within a design, making it an excellent choice for brands or projects looking to convey reliability and authority. Its versatility also extends to digital platforms, where clarity and quick recognition are paramount, making it as effective on screen as it is in print.
In summary, Plakative Grotesk by Uwe Borchert is a robust and flexible sans-serif font that encapsulates the essence of contemporary design while remaining rooted in the rich history of Grotesque typefaces. It offers designers a perfect blend of form and function, making it a valuable addition to any typographic arsenal for those looking to communicate with clarity, efficiency, and style.
Character map
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Typeface Plakative Grotesk

(english) A Geometric Poster Sans

(german) Eine geometrische Plakat-Grotesk

Bye Bye

Plakative Grotesk

Created by Uwe Borchert,,, with FontForge 1.0 ( FontForge : Plakative Grotesk : 1-9-2013. Plakative Grotesk. Version 1.8 (01.09.2013) . Plakativ
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595 x 507 px
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Plakativ.ttf27 kB
FONTLOG.txt1.2 kB
Plakativ.afm25.6 kB
Plakativ.otf33.5 kB
Plakativ.pfb43.4 kB
Plakativ.pfm2.74 kB
plakativ.pdf97.9 kB
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