The Łucznik 1303 Plus font, masterminded by the talented Krzysztof Paliński, is a striking addition to the world of typography that draws inspiration from a rich historical and cultural lineage. This font pays homage to the Łucznik brand, renowned in Poland for its production of sewing machines since 1945, blending historical motifs with contemporary design trends to produce something truly unique and versatile.
At its core, Łucznik 1303 Plus is characterized by a robust and clear-cut design, making it exceptionally readable across different mediums. Its letterforms carry a certain geometric quality, subtly referencing the mechanical nature of sewing machines, which is a nod to the brand’s industrial heritage. However, Paliński skillfully incorporates modern design principles into this font, giving it a fresh and current appeal that resonates well with contemporary audiences.
This font is incredibly versatile, suitable for a variety of applications, whether it be digital or print. Its distinctive character makes it a great choice for branding, especially for those seeking a blend of innovation with historical richness. From the packaging of artisanal products to the digital interfaces of creative applications, Łucznik 1303 Plus brings a unique personality that adds depth and distinction.
Moreover, Krzysztof Paliński’s attention to detail is evident in the font’s balance and legibility. Each character is designed to not only stand out on its own but also to contribute to a harmonious text flow, making it pleasing to the eye in both headlines and longer texts. This balance between aesthetics and functionality makes Łucznik 1303 Plus not just a font but a testament to the power of thoughtful design.
Character map
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Łucznik 1303 Plus

Personal use only
138 glyphs
Typeface © (Krzysztof Paliński). 2010. All Rights Reserved. Łucznik 1303 Plus:Version 2.00. Łucznik 1303 Plus. Version 2.00 August 09, 2010, initial release. Lucznik1303Plus. Łucznik 1303 Plus® ( This font was created using FontCreator 6.0 from You may not use this font for commercial purposes.. Original Polish typewriter from 80s Version extended with additional characters.
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