As of my last update in April 2023, "Rub This!" is not listed among the widely recognized or standard fonts in typographic directories or collections. However, the name suggests a playful and possibly informal character. Let me provide a hypothetical description based on the name itself and common naming conventions for fonts.
"Rub This!" could be imagined as a font that carries a casual, fun, and somewhat quirky atmosphere. The name implies a touch of irreverence and humor, perhaps designed to attract attention in informal contexts. It might be the type of font that you would choose for a party invitation, a witty T-shirt design, or an eye-catching social media post. The name insinuates an interactive, tactile dimension, as if inviting the viewer not just to look, but to engage more physically or imaginatively with the text.
The letterforms in "Rub This!" could be envisioned as having irregular shapes, maybe with elements that resemble smudges or smears, as if they’ve been physically manipulated—rubbed, in fact. This could give the font a dynamic feel, as though each character has been individually crafted or altered. The baseline might be uneven, and the kerning could vary widely, enhancing the overall playful and spontaneous aesthetic.
Yet, considering the diverse applications and designers' creativity, "Rub This!" could also surprise us by combining this fun approach with readability. It would likely balance the desire to appear hand-crafted or unique with the need to be legible, especially if used in contexts where clear communication is key.
In sum, "Rub This!" conjures a font that’s designed to break from the mundane, inject personality into designs, and perhaps initiate a smile or a moment of amusement. It is indicative of a font that does not take itself too seriously, yet serves a specific purpose in making designs stand out with a touch of whimsy and interaction.
Character map
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Rub This!

Unknown license
113 glyphs, 8 kerning pairs
(c) 2002 - vinterstille fontlab - Rub This! : Transfer Sheet : vinterstille fontlab - (c) 2002 - Rub This! Transfer Sheet. First Take. RubThisTransferSheet. vinterstille fontlab
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